Why is My Paint Sprayer Spitting – Reasons And Solutions

So, the paint sprayer is regularly spitting and brings problems? Hmm. This device is immensely helpful. They can perfectly deal with painting tasks for smaller to massive tasks. What if the spray gun starts spitting? It will cause problems without a think. Therefore, I will have to spend my time fixing the gun and the decorations.

A paint sprayer gun is a very resourceful gadget for the auto body business. If it fails to give service properly, you will be in deep trouble. But, before taking the final decision to buy a new one, it’s time to fix it and bring a proper solution. Let’s check out why is my paint sprayer spitting – reasons and solutions. Here we go – 

Why is My Airless Paint Sprayer Gun Spitting? 

If your paint spray gun spits consistently, it is most likely due to one of three things: the material you are using is too thick, the air pressure is too high, or the tip size is too small.

Why is My Airless Paint Sprayer Gun Spitting

The Paint is Too Thick

If the paint is too thick, it will not flow through the gun easily and will come out in clumps or spurts. To fix this, thin the paint according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

The Paint is Too Old

Paint that has been sitting around for a while can become thick and clumpy. To fix this, add a paint thinner or reducer to the paint to thin it out.

Fluid Nozzle

The fluid nozzle should be the very first thing you check with your spray gun. If the fluid nozzle is not in the correct position of the spray gun’s tip, it will permit lots of air to enter the fluid supply. As a result, the bad spitting situation will begin.

But, it’s possible to solve this issue by taking some measurements. At first, you have to tighten the nozzle in a sophisticated way. If you fail to do this, check out the head of the spray gun. This is how you can see whether there is any stripping of the fluid seat or the fluid nozzle drifting is sliced.

Perfect Air Cap

If you’re a user of a suction feed paint gun, a correctly fitted air cap is too much necessary. A suitably fitted air cap won’t experience spitting. Besides, there’s no need to create an extra pressure feed spray gun’s air cap. The reason is that this kind of cap can leak the air bubble out. 

It’s sure that there’s basically no chance of negative spitting performance by following this way. Moreover, the gun is going to do the job in the right way. If you use an airless spray gun, prime the tool before spraying for air removal in the pump. 

Nevertheless, if you don’t prime it, spitting can happen. So, don’t forget to do it. 

Material is Viscous

It is possible that the painting component is so thick for the suction feed spray gun to run without a problem. If you select this type of paint sprayer for the painting task, it will be good to increase the fluid nozzle. Further, you can even choose a higher CFM(Cubic Feet per Minute) Air cap.

Fluid Connections

Are you a user of a pressure-fed spray gun? Then, you need to secure the fluid connection and the paint container. After fastening the link, things could go back to normal. 


Before checking out the packings, thoroughly see the fluid nozzle and air cap. If they are properly positioned, perhaps the nut’s packing is completely worn out. Consequently, if it is decayed or missing, time to take the action. You have to check out and strengthen it. Similarly, if the packing is not present,  buy a new packing as soon as you can. 

Suction Cup

Are you using a suction or gravity-fed spray gun? If yes, it’s time to ensure that your cup is sitting in a tight mode in the spray gun. Now, closely checkout both cup and spray gun to make sure that they’re not stripped and are in a good shape. If one of them is stripped and not in perfect condition, replace them as soon as possible. 

Soft Seals

Suddenly, you understand the fact that air is leaking from the paint sprayer. So, what’s next? You should use replace the soft seals on the sprayer. In that case, better consult with the manufacturing company for adequate instructions. In addition, they’ll give you perfect guidance. 

Gun Not Spraying 

So, the spray gun isn’t spraying paint anymore? It’s probably happening due to the clog that probably gets dense in the air vent hole or the air hose. Hence, you can clean the dried paint with a toothpick. For the remaining residues, you should use a cleaning solvent. 

Fluid Passage Blocked

Clean the fluid passage of the spray gun dedicatedly. Ensure that there are no residues are jammed in the sprayer. Hence, this step will assist you in removing hard particles staying inside the sprayer. But, if the other parts are working correctly, then dismantle the whole product and check the fluid needle attach to it. 

Like the solvent-based liquid, some paints are so much adhesive and can enhance so quickly around the spray gun needle. So, cleaning it regularly is very necessary to get the best service from the equipment. 

Low Fluid Pressure

Low pressure is certainly one of the top reasons for bad spitting. When you’re working with dense objects, paint won’t come out smoothly if the pressure is on a too low point. The principal reason behind this mess is coating doesn’t get the adequate pressure to support the gun more efficiently. On the other side, putting extreme pressure and using the knob to adjust the fluid amount back to a compatible way. 


So, these are the problems and solutions from us. We hope you’ve got enough knowledge on Why is My Paint Sprayer Spitting – Reasons and Solutions. Furthermore, we wish that you’ll soon fix the problem with your sprayer and get back to the project. If you can’t understand something or need any further help, you can ask in the comment section below. 

Good luck with your paint sprayer spitting problems and solutions. Thank you for reading!  

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