5 Best Professional Airless Paint Sprayer [Top picks in 2022]

Painting can be monotonous and time-consuming work. Especially, when it needs to be done on a full-scale industrial level. Consistency is something you want while painting. Otherwise, the blending and mismatched color shade will ruin the paint job permanently.

To make painting joyful and less time-consuming the importance of the best professional airless paint sprayer is enormous. In modern times, people don’t go manually to complete a paint job following the old conventional way. A good airless paint sprayer gets the job done perfectly in no time. 

Therefore, before getting an air paint sprayer it is imperative to know about the tool’s ins and outs. Its compatibility and features should be known beforehand. This shall be advantageous to you while doing the work practically.

Top 6 Best Professional Airless Paint Sprayer

You do not want to pick the wrong airless sprayer for your paintwork. You must know the factors required for painting and the tool’s perfect compatibility with your requirement. In this section, we shall look deep into the facts of the 6 best professional airless paint sprayers.

1. Magnum X7 Electric TrueAirless Sprayer

Magnum X7 Electric TrueAirless Sprayer
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While choosing the airless paint sprayer, the famous North American Brand Graco comes into play with their latest magnum X7. 

The Magnum X7 is powered by electricity. It means there will be no compromise with the consistency and concentration of the paint coatings from layer to layer. Besides, it will allow you to keep on the painting done for a long period without any difficulty. 

Getting into the inner mechanics, the Magnum X7 is installed with stainless steel hardened steel made piston. The stainless steel construction will keep the piston safe from corrosion and rust due to paint fumes or moisture. Moreover, it produces very high pressure to shoot unthinned paint constantly without any interruption. 

The suction hose of this airless paint sprayer is made of high-density plastic. This makes the hose very flexible for good maneuverability and a strong body for increased endurance. The hose is designed in such a way that it can receive paint directly from 1-5 gallons of paint containers without any hassle.

This entire airless paint sprayer is installed upon a two-wheel cart. The cart and the wheel designs are durable enough to lift 1-5 gallons of paint containers. You can easily carry the paint container and paint sprayer together around the workspace. It gives you overall good maneuverability and flexibility. Your hands remain free and need to carry the container by lifting. 

The cart is designed to hold the paint containers very securely. It has a paint saver pail hook to lock the container in a fixed position. This will prevent any sort of tripping and spilling of paints. You need not worry about carrying the paint container manually and creating a mess around by spilling paint drips everywhere. 

This paint sprayer has a tip made of true airless technology. You will have total control over the spraying of paints. The depth and concentration of the paint coatings can be adjusted quite conveniently. You can use both soft and hard spray according to your requirement. As a result, overspray of paint can be avoided. It helps to maintain the paint conservation.

After finishing the paintwork, you can easily connect the hose with a regular garden hose. This will provide you with clean running water that can be used to clean up the tool and its surroundings.

It has a simple yet very convenient push prime button for switching on or off of the tool. This button can turn on the sprayer in no time.

Magnum X7 can apply up to 125gallons of paint a year. This increases its effectiveness range.

You can install up to 100ft long hose with this tool. Yet, the output pressure of paint won’t be disturbed as well. This gives you the option to paint a large area of a house. If your house has a second or third story, then it can easily reach the height of 100fy. You can apply paint perfectly on tough surfaces.

The adjustable pressure valve gives you authority to control the flow and pressure of the hose. This feature is very important to paint with constant blend and shade. You will be able to put more or less pressure on the paintwork for increasing or decreasing the depth.

Its handlebar is designed with a simple ergonomic design. This will put no extra pressure on your palm. Besides, you won’t feel any sort of fatigue even after a long time of painting. 

This sprayer has a motor compatible with 110V. Therefore, you can easily connect it to any common electric socket around the house. Moreover, its only 26lbs of body weight makes the maneuverability easier.

  • Sturdy and durable construction
  • Negligible paint gap
  • Simple and easy maneuverability
  • No fatigue experienced
  • Straightforward control
  • Very expensive
  • Consumes high electric unit

2. Graco Magnum 262800 X5 Airless Paint Sprayer

Graco Magnum 262800 X5 Airless Paint Sprayer
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Another fine airless sprayer from Graco will be the Magnum X5. It’s a predecessor of the X7 version and is slightly cheaper with almost similar features.

The Magnum X5 has a stainless steel-made thick piston to deliver a pressurized paint spray. Because of it there remains no paint gap and maintains consistency on the entire surface. Moreover, the stainless steel piston is safer than another raw iron-made piston. Corrosion and rust cannot attack the piston and so the longevity of the tool is enhanced.

There is a switchable pressure knob installed in the tool. You can easily change the pressure that varies the paint flow afterward. Therefore, the selectability between a thin or thick coating of paint gives you more options based on different surface types.

It has been integrated with the latest power flush hose connectivity at the bottom. This allows you to connect any common garden hose to the tool and use it for quick and effective cleaning. 

The tip of this sprayer is made of modern True airless spray technology. It will deliver with soft and consistent spray. Besides, you can easily prevent overspray on the surface. Above all, you shall have total control over the spray of the paintwork.

Since it is operable in 110V electric potential. You can quite conveniently connect it to any common electric socket in the house to get the job done.

Its push prime button is the single switch to quickly and easily start up the tool. This feature makes the sprayer a plug-and-play type providing flexibility.

The primary suction tube is made of durable and tough plastic material. Its soft malleability makes the tube very flexible. As a result, you can directly spray paint from 1-5 gallons of paint containers. You won’t be needing extra containers to keep it alongside the tool.

You can install up to 0.015 inches of the tip in the sprayer hose. This wide range of tips allows you to paint according to your desire to reduce overspray and thin painting.

This sprayer can attach up to 75 ft of long painting hose. The piston is strong enough to deliver consistent pressure no matter the longer the hose is. This will help you to paint up to two-story buildings quite easily. 

It has a capacity of shooting 125 gallons of paint per annum. This range is enough for personal house and law renovation. Besides, if you want to use it for a professional cause, then it can deliver good performance with its high capacity.

This sprayer motor has the ability to shoot paints with a maximum of 0.27gpm(gallon per minute). It will make your painting done perfectly in a very amount of time than required for doing manually using a brush. 

The sprayer tool is made up of lightweight metals making it extremely durable for long-term use. You can use this sprayer to paint both the interior and exterior of your house, deck and fence, etc without creating any mess.

  • Sturdy body.
  • Effective long-range painting
  • Flexible to move around with
  • Lightweight tool(19 lbs)
  • Fatigueless handle and trigger holding experience
  • Needs to move around by lifting
  • Impacts negatively in the monthly electricity bill

3. Wagner 0580678 Control Pro 130 Power Tank Paint Sprayer

Wagner 0580678 Control Pro 130 Power Tank Paint Sprayer
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Wagner is one of the best heavy tool manufacturing companies for housing innovative tools. Its Control Pro 130 Power tank paint sprayer features true airless technology which leads to minimizing overspray. Therefore, you will get a smooth and consistent texture of paintwork on your target surface.

The paint sprayer comes with a built-in large container of 1.5-gallon volume. This makes sure you can paint around your house without the hassle of moving the original paint container. Besides, it ensures continuous painting without much interruption of refiling for a time being.

Its high paint flow rate can get your job done very early and smoothly. The 0.24 GPM(gallon per minute) flow rate can cover an 8ft by 10ft of surface in just 2 minutes. This indicates that an average house of 1000-1200 square ft can be overall painted within a day. 

This paint sprayer has a strong gravity-fed technology to load paint or primer to the paint hose. It ensures that there won’t be any sort of mess or dripping around the workspace. You won’t need to clean up the workspace after painting.

The Wagner spray painter comes with a 515 HEA Spray Tip. It can be used to put out a 10-inch spray pattern on the target surface very easily. Besides, this tip is highly compatible with latex paints.

You will get a 25ft long painting hose along with the sprayer. This hose is long enough to cover a two-story building quite easily. Besides, you can replace the original hose with a longer version to go for even higher areas. This helps you while working on a ladder. You will be getting more flexibility and maneuverability.

The paint container can be covered and made airtight with a sturdy plastic spill-resistant lid. It prevents the exterior debris from falling into the paint. Besides, it also prevents the spilling or dripping of paint accidentally. You can move around the entire sprayer without worrying about the spill.

Its handle and spraying trigger is ergonomic. You will feel no discomfort while spraying paint even after a long time.

Only 11lbs of the sprayer makes it extremely lightweight. It provides you with good maneuverability. There won’t be any experience of fatigue while carrying it from place to place.

This unit of paint sprayer is very easy to assemble and requires no extra tools. It makes the sprayer very straightforward to use and control. The simple and only on/off switch makes the thing simple.

The integrated modern and advanced HEA technology of this sprayer results in about 55% lesser overspray. Therefore, there won’t be any wastage of paint due to overspray. Besides, you will be getting a smooth and plain texture of painting with no gap or extra coating.

It can comply with Exterior or Interior Latex, Wood Sealers, Lacquers/Urethanes, and Solid Stain giving you the flexibility of choosable options.

  • Quick and easy installation
  • No spill or dripping of paints or primer
  • Easily movable paint hos
  • Less time requires for painting
  • Easy cleaning method of the tool
  • Hard to move around with
  • Spraying gun is hard to clean

4. NEU MASTER Electric Paint Spray Gun

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Neumaster is a renowned name in the world of industrial and house construction tool development. Its electric paint spray gun is the newest addition to the fleet of finishing tools.

This paint sprayer is quite different from most of the conventional paint sprayers in the market. It is compatible with many painting projects, unlike other tools.

The HVLP technology integrated with the sprayer confirms fine paint finishes over multiple surface types with different building materials.

It has highly powered(600W) turbofan installed motors. This will deliver a highly pressurized paint spray resulting in zero wastage due to overspray and spilling caused by low pressure. The larger projects with large surface areas can be easily completed with it. Such as walls, deck, ceiling, and cabinets. You will be gifted with a smooth painting texture with a consistent pattern.

The spraying hose and the main body can be separated easily. You can carry it around without hassling with the hose. Besides, the 6ft long hose added with the 6ft long electric cord will give you enough flexibility to maneuver in the workspace.

You will be getting 3 different nozzles for different spray patterns. These are the 2mm, 2.5mm, and 3mm nozzles. They can spray patterns such as circular, horizontal and vertical oval paint patterns. Moreover, the nozzles are switchable very easily. As a result, based on your painting project, you have the option to select the best spraying pattern required for the smoothest job. 

The bigger diameter of the nozzle allows you to spray in bigger surface areas and vice versa. Based on the material type and surface type you can adjust the flow rate by simply rotating the knob located at the trigger.

Neumaster paint sprayer is designed to be very user-friendly. The tool’s assembly doesn’t require any sort of complex movement or exterior tools. Any beginner user can assemble it conveniently and get on painting in no time.

It is designed to be extremely lightweight by integrating strong yet light building materials. The handle with the container itself is only 3lbs. Therefore, there won’t be any experience of developing fatigue due to the overweight of the tool while painting.

You will be getting a viscosity cup and a cleaning brush in addition to the spraying tool. The cleaning brush is valuable to prevent clogging in the nozzle.

The 800ml container is enough to hold paint or primers for short projects and surfaces. Therefore, there is very little chance of any paint wastage due to overuse. The 24oz per pint of flow rate and get our painting done in a very less amount of time. 

Its easily detachable paint hose and body make it easier to clean properly. Therefore, the longevity of the tool can be increased by regular and proper maintenance.

  • Slim and slick body design
  • Smooth painting with no gap or bump
  • Lightweight design
  • Easily maneuverable
  • Can be cleaned easily and properly
  • Short-range
  • Requires refilling a lot while painting a large surface area
  • Consumes enormous electricity

5. Wagner 0580001 Control Pro 170 Paint Sprayer

Wagner 0580001 Control Pro 170 Paint Sprayer
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The Wagner 058001 Control pro is an industrial-grade paint sprayer. This paint sprayer is used to paint a wide internal and external surface area. Besides, it is compatible with almost all types of materials to be painted. 

The High efficient airless technology makes this a very economical sprayer. This advanced airless technology helps to reduce up to 55% of paint overspray in the air. As a result, there will be very little wastage of paint caused by overspray.

Talking about wastage, the sprayer can directly suck up the pint from its container. Therefore, there will be no spilling and dripping paints caused by mishandling. Because of it, more paint can be saved. The sprayer inlet hose is compatible to take on paint from 1 to 5 gallons of paint containers.

This control pro paint sprayer can be operated at a maximum of 1500psi of pressure. This will ensure a smooth painting without creating any gap or overcoating on the target areas.

 Moreover, the tools are designed to paint up to 300 gallons a year. Therefore, considering you are looking for a professional paint sprayer for long-term usage with high-performance yield. Then this paint sprayer can be a perfect option.

Its body is made up of lightweight metal housing for durable housing. The motor is placed on a highly tensile and sturdy metallic frame that keeps the tool stable and avoids accidents.

The simple and easily readable flow controlling dial will let you select the best-suited paint flow. This sprayer machine can be connected to up to 30ft long hose. You can paint a very large area without facing any sort of movement difficulty. Depending on the vertical height, it can easily reach up to a three-story building.

Its 0.60 horsepower powerful motor is designed to thrust paints consistently without any sort of delay and interruptions. You will be getting a smooth paint layer in no time. 

This sprayer gun comes with a 515 control pro tip. Therefore, the paint being shooted faces no deviations and results in a constant pattern of painting which makes the paint job look premium. 

The handlebar on the motor frame can be used to carry and move the sprayer around. Its ergonomic gun handle and trigger make sure of minimized fatigue caused by handling and controlling.

  • Adjustable hose length
  • Strong housing of the body
  • Produces powerful thrust
  • Highly flexible
  • Easily maneuverable
  • Needs manual carrying to move around the entire sprayer
  • Highly expensive tool

6. HomeRight Power Flo Pro 2800 C800879 Airless Paint Sprayer

HomeRight Power Flo Pro 2800 C800879 Airless Paint Sprayer
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The Power Flo Pro is suitable for heavy and large painting projects. It is designed and constructed with a chrome-plated body for maximum durability. Besides, it makes the tool very long-lasting.

There is an inlet hose made of high densely flexible plastic. You can easily put paint containers with volumes ranging from 1 to 5 gallons. As a result, there will be no hassle of pouring the paint into any container. It can directly suck up the paint and spray it. This system also reduces the wastage of paint caused by mishandling.

This sprayer gun has a 515 Reversible Spray Tip integrated with the guard. It helps you spray paints with a wide diameter. Asa result, a large surface can be easily painted using this sprayer in no time. You can also remove any sort of clog formation inside the tip. 

The Homeright paint sprayer comes with a 1/2 HP. It makes the motor powerful enough to produce a constant and consistent pattern of paint spray throughout the time. Besides, this paint sprayer can deliver a 2800 psi pressure to spray unthinned paint at a constant rate.

It comes with a 25 ft. Airless Spray Hose. The hose is quite long enough to cover a house of two or three-story. You need not move the sprayer tool from place to place. This makes the maneuverability of the tool easy and simple.

You can control and select the best-suited paint pattern simply by rotating the pressure-changing knob. This makes the paint job smooth and looks beautiful. 

The integrated handlebar located in the machine can be used to carry the sprayer around the workspace conveniently.

It is compatible to spray unthinned latex and oil-based paints, stains, and sealers on any surface type. Being a professional worker, this tool can be highly advantageous for you. 

The Power-Flo Pro is designed to be cleaned quickly and easily after use. All you need is to run a cleaning solution of water or solvent through the sprayer. The sprayer itself brings out the remaining stain, paint, or clogs and removes other solid debris from the hose. No manual labor is required to clean up this sprayer.

This Power Flo Pro has a wide range of usage. It can be used to paint any interior, exterior of a house, sheds or fences, and decks as well. The time required to paint all these manually is reduced up to 50% by painting using this airless paint sprayer. 

  • Simple and user-friendly control
  • A thick layer of painting
  • Minimized overspray
  • Reduces the paint wastage to a great extent
  • Easily maneuverable
  • Not suitable for light projects or DIYS
  • Clog formation happens more often

Things you need to know before choosing the best professional airless paint sprayer

Not all types of electric sprayer guns can be used for professional work. Let us get to know the important points an airless paint sprayer should possess for a professional paint job.

Check the power of the motor

The motor of the sprayer is the most important part. For a wide and heavy painting purpose, a sprayer gun must possess a minimum of 0.5 horsepower of the motor. Besides, the motor should be strong enough to deliver at least 1500psi pressure to shoot good thrust to the paint. Otherwise, there will be a chance of thin painting which shall damage the outlook.

Compatibility of the sprayer

A professional sprayer gun must be compatible to spray a wide range of paint types. The most common types of industrial paints based on the water, oil, and latex must be received by the sprayer. 

Flexibility and Length of the primary hose

Professional paint works require painting on a large surface area. This means you cannot get a sprayer with a short range of hoses. A professional sprayer should possess a hose at least 25ft long and at best 30ft long. 

Adjustable Pressure Knob

Depending upon the work type the concentration of the paint coating also varies. For this, a professional sprayer must be installed with a pressure adjuster dial. This will help to select the best-suited paint flow through the tip of the gun.

Size and weight of the tool

Painting a heavy project requires a lot of movement around the workspace. The size of the sprayer should be compact. Besides, the housing of the spray gun must be made up of lightweight materials. Otherwise, it will be difficult to carry the tool from place to place.

Direct inlet hose

A professional painting job requires the consumption of a huge amount of paint. Therefore, the spray gun should be designed to have the inlet hose for sucking up the paint directly from 1 to 5 gallons of paint containers. This will save time and increase the effectiveness of the work.

Maintenance and cleaning

Clog formation is a common phenomenon in sprayers. The professional spray gun should be designed to be cleaned automatically with its suction system. This will require manual cleaning of the hose using the cleaning brush.  Moreover, this process will clean up the entire hose and its openings.

Compatible nozzles for spray pattern

The wall, deck, or ceiling requires a different type of paint flow and pattern. Therefore, you must pick a sprayer with an interchangeable spraying nozzle. This will help you to change the spray pattern and get the job done easily. 


An airless paint spray gun does not come cheap. So, you must think well before investing. It is mandatory to look in-depth at all the features that come with a spray gun. Such as the motor power, hose length, pressure valve, etc. should be kept in mind which suits your work type.

For all these, it is imperative to get the best professional airless paint sprayer from the market. Considering the professional requirements, Graco Magnum X7 is overall a good spray gun with a built-in wheelbase for quick maneuverability. On the other hand, the Homeright C800870 can also be a good option since it has a powerful motor with extreme thrust pressure.

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