How long does it take to paint a house with a sprayer?

The habit of the regular home painting reveals the homeowner’s taste and aristocracy to others. Most homeowners get confused when they decide to paint their house for the first time. The first question arises in their mind- how long does it take to paint a house with a sprayer? 

Well, the exact answer is dependent on some factors. The size of the house, the number of the workers, availability of the equipment, etc. are the big factors here. Normally, a medium-sized house (around 12,000 sq. ft.) needs about two weeks or more to be painted. 

However, there are also matters of skill and dedication in painting a house. Both the interior and the exterior of your house need to be painted at a time. And they may not require the same interval to finish with a good conclusion.

How long does it take to paint an exterior house with a sprayer?

First, discuss the exterior part of the house. As it’s outside of your house, it faces natural disasters directly. And that’s the most challenging issue for painting the exterior of your house. Let’s get introduced to the steps to paint the exterior of a medium-sized house. It won’t take more than a week to decontaminate the exterior part. 

Washing the debris away for paint

Step:1- Washing the debris away

Painting over the debris affects the exterior beauty and stability of your house. And at least one day is required to clean all the debris precisely. If you go for a pressure washer, then the needed time must be decreased. 

Step:2- Minor repairing

It’s natural for the residential surfaces to get damaged over time. An expert painting team never moves forward without repairing those. They need at least two to five days for repairing several minor damages. As bigger the house, as bigger the time is required. 

Spraying siding

Step:3- Spraying siding

Spraying siding on a medium-sized house takes a maximum of one day to complete. It should be started with bare wood, tarnished metal, and other difficult parts. Spraying siding makes the final painting more effective and eye-catching. Professionals prioritize the sprayer instead of the manual process to get a good finish on time. It’s possible to minimize the time duration by appointing more workers. You can use Wagner flexio 990 for this job.

Step:4- Painting the exterior

Now, it’s the most important part of the exterior painting. This won’t take more than two days for an expert team. Painting the exterior with the sprayer provides a better result. The painters have to paint the trim taking some additional time in case there are complex architectures. 

Step:5- Cleaning up the area

Setting back the surroundings perfectly is also part of the exterior painting. The workers must put all the things back and remove the unexpected paint colors from the nearby objects. This teamwork can be done before sunsetting even if they start in the late morning. 

Painting the exterior

How long does it take to paint an interior house with a sprayer?

Painting the interior part of your house with a sprayer needs another week. And the time duration highly depends on the number of items in the interior. A temporary accommodation problem may arise while painting the interior part. That’s because a large number of people can’t tolerate the scent of the paint color. Here are some steps to understanding the time distribution appropriately. 

Step:1- Removing the furniture and other things

The first setback of painting the interior is the giant furniture and other things. All the things may need to be shifted multiple times. And the whole task will cost about an average of 6 hours a week. 

Step:2- Doing preparatory tasks

Some upgrading tasks must be performed before starting the color painting. There might be some drywall repairing issues. Besides, there might be some dust in the critical corners of the interior. Cleaning it up perfectly needs some extra time. In addition, the electrical lines must be disconnected before starting the painting. All of the preparatory tasks should be done within one day.

Painting the interior

Step:3- Painting the interior

Painting the interior is the most important part of all the interior tasks. The painting team should start by covering the critical corners of a room. They need to use protective equipment to protect the floor from the paint color. Some extra time may be required if the house is constructed with some complex design. Generally, 4-5 days are required for finishing the whole painting process of a medium-sized house. The duration may increase or decrease depending on the number of rooms.

Step:4- Making the home livable 

The last task to finish this painting job is cleaning up the interior of the house. First, it’s recommended to shift the painting equipment from each room. Then, the workers need to remove the protective equipment carefully. At the end of the day, the task is to put all the furniture and things back in their places. This whole giant task can be done in a day if the workers put in their highest effort.

What determines the time?

It’s time to know about some factors that determine the time of painting a house. “How long does it take to paint a house with a sprayer?” – this question is dependent on these factors:

  • Size of the team
  • Working experience
  • All the equipment
  • The weather condition
  • Size of the home
  • Amount of the interior items
  • The complexity of architecture
  • Minor damages in the surface

Final words

Painting your house with a sprayer isn’t a talk of short time. Your house needs some suitable days with efficient, skilled painters to be painted perfectly. It’s a common question – “how long does it take to paint a house with a sprayer?”. You are now acquainted with the exact answer to this popular question.

The rough weather, some bad equipment, and a lazy team- that’s enough to extend the painting’s time. Besides, the complex architecture of your residence also can lengthen the time. If you can control and develop these factors, you’ll surely get excellent output within your expected time. 

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