The 8 Best Paint Sprayer for Furniture and Cabinets

Making old furniture new is a trend nowadays.

You don’t need to throw your old furniture away. Instead, you can use furniture paint sprayers to give a new look.

Paint sprayers are easy to use and let any amateur or professional achieve a smoother finish. You can use it on any surface to spray evenly unlike the roller or paintbrush. 

It also helps you save money hiring a painter for your furniture paint. At the same time, it gives you the freedom to color the furniture, as you want. Besides, you can do different experiments with your own furniture.

However, make sure you pick the best paint sprayer for furniture that suits your demand. Otherwise, it may do worse than good and destroy your project.

Top 8 Best Paint Sprayers for Furniture Paints

It is not feasible to go through all the possible sprayer options and find their good and bad. We have narrowed down the list and come up with these 8 amazing paint sprayers for furniture.

HomeRight C800971 Sprayer Review

1. HomeRight C800971.A Super Finish Max HVLP Paint Sprayer

HomeRight C800971.A Super Finish Max HVLP Paint Sprayer is a great sprayer offering a smooth finish and higher efficiency. This High Volume Low Pressure (HVLP) sprayer prevents overspray, reduces cost, and delivers a smooth finish.

It also has a turbine motor that eradicates the need for an air compressor. You don’t need to buy an air compressor separately for your sprayer.

An adjustable flow control knob is there. It helps you to control the paint flow according to your demand. No matter whether you need a higher flow or lower flow, you can get the job done smoothly with it. 

It can handle thicker paints or varnishes. You don’t need to thin your paint to spray on the surface. With its six available paint sprayer tips, you can get the ultimate variation in terms of paint spraying. It will help you use the sprayer on different surfaces.

You will even have two air caps to use the sprayer vertically or horizontally. The caps also atomize paint into tiny particles for a better finish.

The built-in access door lets you change the inlet air filter smoothly. You don’t even need a tool to replace it. Besides, its large 39-ounce container capacity keeps you painting for a long time without refilling the container too soon.

Cleaning is a hassle after spraying the paint. It comes with a newly designed pickup tube and cup vent for quicker that makes the cleaning extremely easier. A cleaning brush is also there for manual cleaning.

Apart from that, this sprayer is compatible with oil or water-based materials. You can use chalk-type paint, latex paints, primers, polyurethane, varnish, and others smoothly. It makes this Furniture Finish Sprayer a great option for furniture made with different materials.

You can use this amazing paint sprayer in a wider array of projects like painting furniture, cabinets, fences, walls, and others.

  • Suitable for a wide variety of projects
  • Compatible with oil or water-based paint
  • Adjustable airflow for precision
  • HVLP for smoother yet efficient painting
  • Caps for vertical and horizontal spraying
  • Not suitable for medium to large projects
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2. YATTICH Paint Sprayer, High Power HVLP Spray Gun

When your concern is to get the best paint sprayer for furniture painting, consider the YATTICH Paint Sprayer, High Power HVLP Spray Gun. It is a great sprayer for small family projects like doors, fences, walls, and others.

The handheld HVLP paint sprayers design prevents overspray and increases efficiency. It even delivers faster spraying. The detachable design makes the cleaning easier. You will get nozzle-cleaning pins for less clogging.

You will get 5 Copper Nozzles with the package. These nozzles can withstand more pressure compared to plastic nozzles. At the same time, these are less prone to clogging. You can enjoy spraying surfaces more uniformly as well as concentrated.

The maximum flow rate is 800ml / min. You can smoothly use this sprayer for edges, corners, and wide inner or outer surfaces.  It also offers 3 different spray patterns – horizontal, vertical, and circular. You can apply these variations to complete more projects.

It has a control knob that allows you to adjust the paint flow. You can easily control the flow for even more versatile uses. The 6.6ft long power cord delivers you the reach and lets you move the sprayer to large areas. 

Experiencing fatigue is common when using the sprayer for a long time. That is why it features double-layer insulation materials. You can spray without worrying about any safety issues or fatigue during operation.

It even has a rear foam pad that prevents the paint from blocking nozzles by preventing the paint from flowing backward. It makes the spray uniform. With its low vibration level of less than 2.5m/s², you can enjoy using the machine.

This air spray gun has dust and moisture resistance functions. It prolongs the lifespan of the tool and delivers a pure spray color. 

Anyone can use this spray gun to paint furniture, cars, interior paint walls, garden tables, and others. A super detailed instruction manual is there to guide you properly to get your project done.

  • Multiple copper spray nozzles for durability and versatility
  • Easy to maneuver with insulation layer
  • Adjustable airflow for different operations
  • Low vibration for comfortable use
  • Suitable for beginners with a good manual
  • Small paint container
  • Not battery operated
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Wagner Spraytech 0518080

3.Wagner Spraytech 0518080- Best Paint Sprayer for Doors

You are not going to use the sprayer for small projects only. You need something for both the small and large projects. Wagner Spraytech 0518080 Paint or Stain Sprayer offers you exactly that. 

It comes with HVLP technology that atomizes materials into fine particles. You can get a smooth finish on the surfaces like door trim, decks, furniture, and more. It also provides a faster painting experience to save time.

The Powerful two-stage turbine makes it compatible with thin latex paints along with thinner materials such as stains and poly. It allows you to use different materials to achieve different results for different purposes.

You can even customize your paint flow with its pressure control dial. It also features a material flow adjuster to provide you the precision you need every time. An air cap is there to spray round, horizontal, and vertical to meet your needs.

A long 20 ft. hose helps you get the maximum reach to your painting projects. Besides, the stationary paint sprayer puts most of the turbine weight on the ground. It reduces the pressure on the hand and decreases fatigue to let you work for a long time.

You will also have a convenient handle that makes the tool easier to carry. Apart from that, it features a 1 ½ qt. cup for large projects and a professional-grade metal 1 qt. cup for smaller projects. You can use this tool for different projects regardless of size.

It will work quicker than a brush or roller and deliver a smooth finish. Using the tool is easier as well since setting up and cleaning is a cup of tea for everyone.

Finally, it comes in two colors – Yellow and Black. You can pick the one that suits your personality. It can be the best paint sprayer for doors, Decks, Cabinets, Furniture, Woodworking, and other purposes smoothly.

  • Easy to set up and clean
  • Comes in multiple colors to choose from
  • Allows adjusting the flow
  • Can spray round, horizontal, and vertical
  • Provides a smooth finish
  • Needs refilling too quickly
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Best Paint Sprayer for Furniture

4. XUKOOM Power Electric Spray Paint Gun with 6 Nozzles

XUKOOM Power Electric Paint Sprayers Gun is another great example of the Best air spray gun for furniture. It comes with 6 nozzles with 3 sizes – 2 of each size. You can use these nozzles for a long time and apply them for different projects and purposes.

It is also equipped with three spray methods. You can spray at 45°, 90°, and 180° for horizontal, vertical, and circular methods to meet your needs. Since it has an HVLP design, you can enjoy a smoother finish with higher efficiency at the same time.

This furniture paint sprayers allow you to adjust the low rate with a trigger knob. It helps you achieve precision in your projects. Simply turn it to the front for the largest and turn to the back for the smallest spraying. 

A shape knob is there so you can adjust the paint thickness. It helps you achieve a finer finish compared to roller and paintbrushes. A rubber pad is also there to prevent the paint from flowing back. It prevents the clogging of the nozzles and makes a uniform painting.

In addition, this spray gun features dust and moisture-proof functions. It extends the lifespan of the motor and delivers purity and a perfect color effect.

The 9.84-foot long power cord provides a longer reach and lets you work freely in a larger working area. Since the paint sprayer is detachable, you can easily clean it after the painting. This feature makes it even more portable and easy to install.

The grip is also comfortable so you can work for a long time without experiencing any fatigue. With its 1000ml paint capacity, you can spray paint for a long time without refilling every minute.

To conclude, this spraying paint tool is a perfect option for furniture, fences, interior walls, tables, chairs, and other projects accordingly.

  • Suitable for versatile operations
  • Offers customization for painting
  • Dust and moisture protection for longevity
  • Smooth finish with different nozzles and HVLP design
  • Enough paint capacity for convenient operation
  • Might be heavy for the large cup
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5.SPRAYIT SP-352- Best for Entry Level Spray Gun Users

SPRAYIT SP-352 Gravity Feed Spray Gun is another excellent option to consider when your concern is the best furniture paint sprayer for beginners. The sprayer comes with a lightweight aluminum body that can withstand pressure and prolongs longevity.

Also, it makes the use easier due to its lightweight design. You can work for a long time without experiencing too much pain in your hand. Along with the aluminum construction, you will get a 13.5 oz./ 0.4 l aluminum cup. The cup offers a perfect capacity for small projects that makes it a perfect option for beginners. 

It also allows you to rotate and paint. You can spray at any angle and reach hard-to-reach areas smoothly. With its easy-to-use design, anyone with zero prior experience can use it without any hassle. An instruction manual comes with it so you don’t face any problem using the tool.

In addition to angle, this one offers precision applications with a separate and adjustable fluid fan pattern. It reduces waste and provides a good finish. You can even control the air pressure to achieve even more precision in the application.

The nozzle and fluid needle are made of stainless steel. They are corrosion resistant that makes the sprayer more durable with higher longevity. You know, corrosion is a bigger problem for sprayers and it reduces the lifespan.

The air consumption is 4.2 to 6.0 CFM @ 30 PSI with a maximum pressure of 60 PSI. That means you can get a decent finish with high power. It also makes this tool suitable for various applications. You can use it for automotive, industrial, marine, and woodworking projects.

  • Inexpensive compared to others
  • Easy to use for beginners and professionals
  • Ensures a smoother finish with less waste
  • Allows spraying at any angle with the aluminum cup
  • Durable construction ensures longevity and durability
  • The adjustment should offer wide changeability
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6.SPRAYIT SP-31000 LVLP Siphon Feed Spray Gun

Sometimes, you need a simple and effective spray gun to get your job done without any hassle. If that is your demand, consider the SPRAYIT SP-31000 LVLP Siphon Feed Spray Gun.

This sprayer comes with Low volume low-pressure design. It helps you spray a thicker and uniform coating on the surface. The coating penetrates better and is thicker for a smoother finish. You can even get the job faster than a traditional roller or brush.

Besides, you have airflow controls. It helps you to apply the pressure precisely for precise applications. This amazing function makes this feed spray gun suitable for versatile options.

The fluid needle and nozzle are made of durable corrosion-resistant stainless steel. It protects the gun for a long time and thus prolongs longevity. You can enjoy using this paint spray gun for a long time without any hassle.

But to use the sprayer comfortably, it has to be lightweight. That is why this sprayer comes with a lightweight aluminum body. It makes the weight lower so you experience less fatigue. 

You will also get a 1000cc aluminum cup. This capacity is good enough to complete small to medium projects without refilling. At the same time, you can rotate the cup and spray at any angle. It allows you to reach confined areas and tight angles easily.

To make the task more enjoyable, it features a separate and adjustable fluid fan pattern. It helps you achieve a precise finish. To control the finish even better, it offers air controls as well.

The air consumption is 3.5 to 3.9 CFM @ 30 PSI. It provides higher efficiency with less paint waste. Apart from that, this sprayer is compatible with lacquers, urethane, enamels, fast dry and low viscosity paints, and others. It can be the best Paint Sprayers for Cabinets, automotive, home, and furniture for all those features.

  • Durable and long-lasting construction
  • Suitable for versatile operations with versatile paint compatibility
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Customized painting with higher precision
  • LVLP design for a thicker coating
  • May experience fatigue when using long
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Wagner 0529033

7. Wagner 0529033Home Décor HVLP Paint Sprayer

A flawless finish is what exactly we want from a paint sprayer. If that is your main concern, consider the Wagner 0529033 Home Décor HVLP Paint Sprayer. The HVLP design reduces the chances of overspray and thus decreases the waste.

You can also achieve a smoother finish with no brush marks. It will even save your time versus hand painting. This will reduce the coating layers yet deliver the desired finish.

Customized spray painting is another excellent benefit this sprayer offers. It comes with several adjustable settings including the pattern adjustment dial and the material flow control. You can use these settings to customize the paint for more precision. 

The pattern dial lets you pick the right pattern to use the sprayer for objects with different shapes. Where the material flow control helps you get accurate paint delivery to get a smoother finish.

This finish sprayer is designed to keep comfort in mind. The weight is 1.08 Pounds with a compact design. Its stationary base puts all the weight on the ground so you can keep spraying without experiencing fatigue. It also makes the gun easy to maneuver for a lightweight design.

You can even use this sprayer to paint small pieces and tight areas. To reach even more confined areas, this one comes with a 72 Inches long cord. This 6 ft. air hose delivers additional spraying comfort.

Installing and using it is not a big deal either. You can easily set it without using any tool or hiring a prof

Compatibility is another key feature of this painting tool. It supports decorative paints including chalk type and milk, stains, sealers, and lacquers. You can use this sprayer for versatile use including furniture, crafts, home décor, and more.

  • Provide smoother finish without any brush mark
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Compatible with a wide variety of paints
  • Offers customization for versatility
  • Lightweight and comfortable to use
  • May splatter or move during operation
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REXBETI Paint Sprayer

8.REXBETI Paint Sprayer

When you need high power and a smooth finish, consider REXBETI Ultimate Sprayer. It comes with high power and delivers a precise spray pattern for a smoother finish. 

You will have 4 additional black nozzles available. These nozzles help you use the gun for different purposes. It also helps you spray different paints, sealers, and varnishes easily. You can also use latex paint, chalk, and milk-type paint.

The 5 pieces paint strainers filter particles in your paint and deliver a finer finish. You know paint often contains some particles that hinder achieving a fine finish.

It has a 1000ml capacity container. you can complete any small project without refilling. At the same time, you can rotate the container at your convenience. It helps you spray at any angle and reach confined areas where the roller or brush cannot.

Its 6.6 ft long power cord delivers even better reach. You can move freely in large work areas. This Rexbeti paint sprayer has a lightweight design and comes in a handy size for easy maneuver.

Along with that, horizontal, vertical, and circular spraying features. It helps you complete different projects with different painting pattern needs. Painting table legs, bottles, or small and odd-shaped objects is easier with these patterns.

Using the sprayer is simple due to its user-friendly design. You can easily assemble and spray the paint. Cleaning is simple as well. The package comes with cleaning attachments so you can smoothly clean it.

Another great thing about the sprayer is its noise reduction facility. It is quieter than a most handheld sprayer. You can get your job done without disturbing others. The soft handle helps you work for a long time without experiencing fatigue.

To conclude, all these features make it one of the best paint sprayers for furniture. You can also use it for tables, chairs, interior walls, crafts, and others.

  • Offers a smoother and finer finish
  • Easy to operate and maneuver
  • Suitable for different projects
  • Compatible with different paints
  • Produces less noise while operations
  • Need to refill the tank multiple times for small capacity
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Features a good paint sprayer for furniture should have

We are talking about the best paint sprayer for furniture. But what makes a paint sprayer best? Well, here are the things that make a spray gun best.

Less overspray

A good spray gun for furniture will prevent overspray. It will spray exactly the amount you need to achieve a good finish. You can prevent wasting your paint with a good sprayer.

Paint Sprayer for Furniture

Offers perfect finish

Less overspray does not mean a bad finish. Instead, a good spray gun will deliver a smoother finish all the time regarding the fact that it prevents overspray. It will spray the paint evenly that will help you achieve the most astonishing finish.

Long-lasting construction

You don’t want to buy a spray for one project only. A good spray gun features durable construction that withstands heavy use and different paints. You can expect a longer lifespan from a good sprayer. The nozzles should be steel or copper made so they can easily handle the pressure.

At the same time, the spray should be made of stainless steel or something corrosion resistant. Otherwise, the spray will rust quickly and that will reduce the lifespan of a sprayer.

Sprayer for Furniture

Easy cleaning

Cleaning is a hassle for sure. However, to keep the sprayer in good shape for a long time, you need to clean the spray gun after each use. A good sprayer offers easy cleaning so you can get a smoother finish every time. Some spray guns even come with detachable functions so you can easily detach all the parts and clean them easily.

Less weight

A good sprayer comes with a lightweight design. When working for a long time, a lightweight paint sprayer will help you make the use more comfortable and easier. You can enjoy working for a long time without experiencing fatigue. On the other hand, heavyweight sprayers make you fatigued. 

Also, when working on the upper area or ceiling, a heavyweight sprayer might not work well. You may even need to take the sprayer to another place for a different place. In that case, a heavyweight sprayer will make your painting jobs tougher.

Sprayer for Furniture

Ground container placement

Some sprayers have their container placed in the ground. It helps you put the weight on the ground and keep your hands free from weight. You can enjoy spraying without putting much effort into your hand. At the same time, it helps you reach hard-to-reach areas and complete the project smoothly. It even provides a large tank capacity.

Some sprayers even feature a container or cup with the spray. If the tank is large enough, you cannot handle it properly when spraying. On the other hand, if the container or cup is small, you can spray at any angle and reach more areas. It will reduce fatigue as well.

Compatibility with versatile paints

You are not going to work with only one paint all the time. Sometimes, you need oil-based paint where sometimes, you need water-based paint. A good spray gun always comes with rich versatility so you can use versatile paints and materials. It will help you complete more projects with the same gun.

Spray paint in Furniture

Large tank size

No one likes to refill the paint tank every minute. If you have to refill the paint tank 50 times during your projects, it will take enough time. It will be a nightmare for every painter, trust me.

A good painter always offers a large tank so it can hold enough paint to complete your project without refiling. However, some paint sprayers offer small tanks since they are designed for small projects only.

Offers different spray patterns

Most of the sprayers offer different spray patterns including vertical, horizontal, and circle. These patterns help you spray different objects with different shapes. You can work smoothly with variations when you have different spray patterns.

Spray Paint

Dust and moisture protection

Dust and moisture damage the sprayer most. A good sprayer for furniture should have dust and moisture protection that will prolong the durability of the sprayer. Also, it will keep the sprayer working for a long time.

Suitable for confined areas

A good paint sprayer will be suitable for use in confined areas. It should have a long hose so you can get a long rich and spray any confined area. At the same time, the design should be suitable for tight angles and hard-to-reach areas as well.

Airflow and material control

Airflow and material control is mandatory to have in the best paint gun for the sprayer. Without these features, you cannot control the flow and material thickness. On the other hand, you can customize the paint and make the sprayer usable for different projects smoothly.

Best Paint Sprayer for Furniture

Things to consider while buying the best paint sprayer for furniture

Not every good paint sprayer is suitable for your needs or furniture. You need to consider your parameters to judge which one will be good for your projects. Here are some things you should consider while picking the best paint sprayer for your furniture.

Your projects

The first thing you need to consider is your project. Your project will determine the type and other features of the paint spray. For example, if you want to paint a large surface, you need a large tank. On the flip side, for a small surface, buying a sprayer with a large tank does not make sense.

You may even want to use the sprayer for DIY projects or large commercial purposes. Of course, both of them will not be the same. Distance might be another good thing considering. If you want to paint somewhere long away from your workstation, you need something portable. 

Moreover, you need to consider the material you are painting as well. Sometimes, you may work on the wood surface where you may need to work on plastic. You may need to paint a metal door or maybe a garden table. So consider the projects first.

Low volume or high volume or airless sprayers

There are three types of sprayers available right now. High volume low pressure (HVLP), low volume low pressure (LVLP), an airless paint sprayer. HVLP sprayer is the most popular one that comes with a turbine to atomize your paint. 

You can enjoy painting a large area like cabinets, doors, and others easily with airless paint sprayers. They are famous for wasting less yet providing significant spray. They tend to clog less and deliver a superior finish. You can use this for furniture since it can adjust the flow rate. However, they might not work well with latex paint or thicker paint.

On the other hand, LVLP is not that much available right now. They are cheaper and less popular nowadays. They offer low pressure thus reducing overspray. 

You know! An airless sprayer does not require any air to pump out the pain and thus eradicate the needs of a compressor. It sprays paint in a wide pattern so you can cover more areas quickly.

You can use it for walls, doors, fences, and others easily. You will also get a feed spray gun that you may use in the automotive industry. 

Spray paint in Furnitures


The power output helps you determine how fast you can get the job done. So make sure the power output matches your needs. The higher the pressure is, the faster you can get the job done and vice versa.

Paint type

You need to consider the paint type you are going to use with the sprayer. The sprayer has to be compatible with the paint type. Otherwise, you cannot complete your project. Make sure you know the paint type and pick a sprayer with the same compatibility.


You don’t want to create pain in your hand while working. The paint sprayer should be comfortable enough so you can work for a long time with the paint sprayer for furniture. Consider having a rubber grip and a lightweight paint gun.


Noise plays an important role when picking the paint gun. You don’t want to disturb others while painting. Consider the noise produced by your sprayer. The noise should be less so you don’t disturb your neighbors and get peace of mind. 

Your expertise

Don’t forget to consider your expertise. Some sprayers are good for beginners where some are good for experts. Pick the best paint sprayer for beginners if you are a newbie in this field.


Finally, consider the portability of your sprayer. You need to carry the sprayer to your project area. Also, you need to move the spray gun from one place to another when working. A heavy and large-size sprayer might not work well. Consider having a lightweight and compact sprayer.


What is the best paint for spraying furniture?

You know everything has some unique features and its own facilities. And all of those are good enough to choose for a paint job in our top 8 lists.
However, if you’re like to pick the best of the best then you might go for YATTICH Paint Sprayer or HomeRight C800971

Is it better to spray or brush paint furniture?

Uses of Brush paint or Air spray paint are different in most cases. Spray painting is always good for smooth and details to paint but it wastes paint material comparatively brush painting. On the opposite brush paint is slow compare to air spraying.
So, Which one is better? We say it depends and vary paint projects to project types.

Is airless or HVLP better?

In a short answer, Yes. If you’re using an air spray gun for your paint job.


The best paint sprayer for furniture will change your experience and take it to the next level. You can give a new and astonishing look to your furniture. It also helps you complete the task faster.

You don’t have to invest your day to use the roller or brush to paint. The evenly spray paint dries even faster that saves your time.

No matter if you are a professional or a DIYer or an amateur, you can get the finish and look with the good painter you are looking for. So make sure you pick the right one considering the right parameters. Best of luck.

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