Wagner Power Painter Review – Yay or Nay

Wagner is one of the most popular brands that offer versatile painter sprayers. You will get different sprayers with different functionalities from this brand. Wagner 0525027 Airless Paint Sprayer is one of the great additions to their sprayer lines.

Advanced technology, ergonomic design, and flexibility set itself apart from other sprayers.


Is it worth buying?

Well, this Wagner Power Painter Review will help you understand all the key features, benefits, and cons. When you know the good sides and bad sides of a sprayer, you can easily determine whether this one is perfect or not. Remember that a bad sprayer can ruin your painting project.

Wagner Power Painter Review– Specification, Features, Pros and Cons

Now let’s see Wagner power painter plus reviews. Go through all the sections carefully to fully understand the review.


  • Brand: Wagner Spraytech
  • Product Dimensions: 11 x 11.5 x 6.5 inches; 0.16 Ounces
  • Tank Volume: 0.25 Gallons
  • Voltage: 110 Volts
  • Color: black and yellow
Wagner Power Painter Review

Key features

You will find some amazing features in the Wagner paint spray gun. Let’s have a look at them.

Airless technology

Airless sprayers pump out paint at very high pressure and deliver more benefits than traditional air sprayers. It ensures even coating on the surface. You will get a smooth painted surface with this technology. Besides, it offers 4 times faster spraying than a traditional sprayer.

You can get more jobs done within a short time that will save your time. At the same time, it reduces the labor cost. Moreover, you can use this tech to paint exterior surfaces including fences, lattices, decks, and shutters. This tech even handles thicker paint better than traditional compressed air sprayers.

Dual Spray Tip Technology

When you open the box, you will find a unique and simple Wagner Optimus Power Painter Plus tip. It features a novel design that allows you to spray paint with more coverage. Besides, the tip makes the process simple. You can do it without having prior experience.

Simply adjust the nozzle end for both vertical and horizontal spraying and it will work like magic. No matter if you have a confined corner or dynamic pattern changes, it will get your job in no time. You will have better control over the painting project.

Flexible suction tube

Along with advanced technology, it features a flexible Ez tilt suction tube. You have the flexibility to bend the tube at any angle. Consequently, it helps you spray paint from any angle. How does it do it? Well, the process is simple.

When you angle or invert the sprayer, the tube and paint drop down to the bottom of the supply bucket. Therefore, it will not stop sucking spray from the source no matter what its position is. This feature makes it a good option for ceilings, overhangs, and soffits.

Easy maintenance

If you are a lazy person like me, you will love these features. Easy maintenance is another key feature this sprayer offers. You can detach all the parts of this sprayer without any tools that make it easier to clean.

Make sure to unscrew all the parts before cleaning for the best result. Also, try to clean them individually instead of as a whole. Use a basic cleaning solution to clean it smoothly. You can follow the Wagner Power Painters manual to understand the basics of maintenance.

Material lever

One of the best features of this sprayer is its material lever. This rear-mounted material lever helps you use both stain and paint. You can simply choose the ‘paint’ setting for spraying thick to medium layers. On the other hand, the ‘stain’ option is suitable for liquids.

You may wonder what will happen if this function is not there. Well, if this lever does not work, the sprayer may have too much overspray or under spray the paint. It makes uneven spraying that leads to bad painting projects. But this feature provides a smooth and even paint spraying regarding the liquid thickness.

One-Quart large Paint Cup

Refueling during a painting project is a big hassle. If you have to refuel often, you cannot enjoy spraying. To solve the problem, this Wagner Power Painter Plus comes with a large one-quart cup. It stores a decent amount of paint and prevents frequent refueling.

Besides, if you do not know when to refuel, that is going to be another big problem. Imagine a situation where you are spraying on the ceiling riding on a ladder. Suddenly you find out your tank is empty. How will you feel? Frustrating, right?

It features a translucent case that shows you the level of paint that remains to solve the problem. You can easily understand when to refuel. It is also equipped with a twist-lock mechanism that allows easy removal for faster replenishing.

Compact and portable

You need to take the sprayer outside for different painting projects. If the design is not portable, it becomes tough to carry and move the sprayer. The good news is this tool comes with a portable design. You can easily take it anywhere comfortably.

Portability is not everything. You can use your car or anything else to transfer or move the tool. But you have to hold the sprayer for a long time to spray the surface. If the weight of the sprayer is heavy, you will experience fatigue within a short time.

This one is compact in size and 0.16 Ounces in weight. You can use it for a long time without experiencing much fatigue. Also, it allows you to move the sprayer from one end to another conveniently.

Versatile uses

This sprayer gun is a versatile tool. You can use stains, sealers, oil paints, and even latex paint with the sprayer. Besides, it allows you to paint fences, overhang, playset, shed, furniture and more.

Reason to Buy (Pros)

All those features offer some great benefits. Let’s check the pros the painter offers.

Time-saving: The power pointer plus comes with airless technology that saves your time. It sprays up to 6.6 gallons in an hour. You can paint up to 650 sq. ft. of surface in an hour where traditional brushes may take up to 6 hours. Thus, it saves your time.

Easy to attach and detach: The power painter instruction manual has clear instructions to attach and detach the tool. You will also have a twist-lock mechanism that makes attaching and detaching a cup of tea.

Even paint supply: Its Optimus dual tip technology supplies the spray widely and evenly. You can ensure an even paint coating like professionals. It helps you achieve an elegant finish.

Suitable for inaccessible areas: The flexible EZ-Tilt suction tube helps you reach any inaccessible areas smoothly. You cannot use a brush or roller to paint those confined areas.

Compatible with thin and thick paint: A rear-mounted material lever helps you use thin and thick paint easily. Where the thick coating is required, use ‘paint’ and use ‘stain’ function for thin paint.

Flexibility to use it at any angle: Its handheld design helps you paint at any angle. Besides, it weighs less and features an ergonomic design for more angle flexibility.

Suitable for versatile operation: All those functions make it a suitable option for versatile operation. You can use compact or light and apply them to different surfaces like fences, walls, or others.

Easy to use: Using the tool is easier than you think. Follow the manual and you are ready to go.

Reason to Avoid (Cons)

Along with all those benefits, it comes with some cons as well like any other item in the world. Let’s check the cons it has.

Noise: Wagner power painter offers airless technology that sprays the paint at higher pressure. It creates higher noise that may disturb others. However, you will experience almost the same noise from any airless painter.

Continuous power supply: Since it is an airless electric sprayer, you will need a continuous power supply to run the tool.

Short cord: It comes with a short 12-inch power cord. This may lead to accidental unplugging and create an inconvenient situation. It should be longer.

Compatibility of this Wagner Power Painter Plus

You know this power painter is versatile. But for what this painter is designed for? Well, let’s check it out.


No matter if you have a wooden fence or a metal fence; this plus painter will spray an even coat over it. Its ability to apply a multitude of materials allows it to be used in any kind of fence.


The flexible EZ Tilt suction tube helps you paint or stain your deck from any angle. You will get an equal amount of paint spray at any angle that makes it suitable for deck painting or staining.


Painting sheds is tiresome work, especially when you do it with a roller or brush. Due to the decent paint capacity, this painter makes it easier to paint sheds. The lightweight and compact design reduce fatigue while painting the sheds.


The airless technology provides wider and evener paint spray. It makes this painter a perfect option for your shutter. You can spray a couple of layers of paint over it to make it more professional and elegant.

Wood furniture

Its advanced technology makes painting faster than ever. You can also use it for painting your home furniture within a short time. Simply take your furniture outdoors or any safe place and use this spray. Since it is easy to use, you can comfortably use it for furniture painting.


You can use this painter in your garage as well. Since the painter is suitable for metal or wood use, it can come in handy in your garage.

That means anyone who wants to paint any of the above things can use this sprayer. However, remember that it is not suitable for automobiles, cabinets, or large surface areas

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any questions left even after reading this Wagner power painter plus review? Then have a look at the questions below. You may find your answer here.

Is an airless paint sprayer better?

Airless paint sprayers are far better than any traditional methods. They spray paint with higher pressure. They also ensure wide and even paint distribution. You can achieve a professional quality finish with faster task completion, making airless painters better than traditional methods.

Are Wagner paint sprayers any good?

Yes, Wagner paints airless sprayer comes with advanced technology that makes your work faster than ever. You can spray paint at any angle with a faster and wider paint spraying. These sprayers also deliver easy maintenance and cleaning. You can enjoy a professional finish from them.

Do you have to thin paint for a Wagner sprayer?

Wagner sprayer offers a material lever that allows you to use any latex or oil-based paint or stain. You do not need to thin the paint to apply it. It lets you both thick and thinner paints without adding anything at all.

Can you paint a car with a Wagner paint sprayer?

No! You cannot paint your car with Wagner power airless sprayers. You need to pick another model suitable for car painting. However, it allows you to paint any wooden or metal items such as doors, fences, or decks.

Is it hard to Use the Wagner Power Painter Plus?

Not at all. Wagner power painter plus comes with an easy-to-use instruction manual. Besides, it comes with a simple design that anyone can use without any prior experience. Simply read the instructions and start painting your projects.


A good paint flow can change your painting experience and take it to the next level. On the other hand, a bad painter may destroy the project. Make sure to get the best paint sprayer for your small to medium-sized projects. Consider reading this Wagner Power Painter Review to understand whether it will be suitable or not.

As you can see, you can achieve many benefits from this sprayer; it might be a good option to pick. However, this one might not be suitable for your needs. So consider your needs and try to match them to the benefits it offers. You can then make the perfect decision.

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