Titan ControlMax 1700 Review: Yay or Nay

If you are thinking about painting your apartment or office wall but can’t decide about the paint sprayer yet? Or you are confused to choose the best one among a variety of options? 

Among various types of paint sprayers, airless is considered the most effective for painting purposes.

Have you ever tried airless paint spray instead of traditional types? If you don’t, we guarantee you will fall in love with airless paint spray after reading this article.

And it’s all about an amazing airless paint spray and we have the best one for you. Here we are going to review Titan controlmax 1700 High-Efficiency Airless Paint Sprayer. That will provide an ultimate and smooth painting experience so far!

Titan controlmax 1700 review

Why do We Choose Titan Controlmax 1700 High Efficiency Airless Paint Sprayer?

Before moving to the review section, you may ask why we have chosen the Titan controlmax 1700 High-Efficiency Airless Paint Sprayer? 

Well, we will break down the reasons broadly with its amazing features, performances and benefits as well. In short, Titan controlmax 1700 High-Efficiency Airless Paint Sprayer is one of the best air sprayers. Again, this one is a versatile paint sprayer. It comes with HEA technology and is able to decrease overspray. 

Besides, with the higher speed, it can cover a large area at a time. And many more remain to be revealed yet. Let’s dive into the review section- 

Titan controlmax 1700 Review

Titan controlmax 1700
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In-depth review

We already mentioned that Titan controlmax 1700 is an airless paint sprayer. It comes with amazing features to paint evenly on any kind of surface. For this reason, this is known as a versatile paint sprayer. 

If we focus on the painting speed, it can work so fast with less labor. It features around 3 times faster painting speed than using a roll or paintbrush. For faster speed, it will take comparatively less time to complete a large space. 

Again, the Titan controlmax 1700 airless paint sprayer is engineered with HEA technology. That system will be able to reduce the overlap by around 55%. Also, provide an even and consistent finish covering all the areas. 

The HEA pump is stable and durable enough for improving the control. Besides, The maximum operating pressure of this sprayer is around 1500 PSI. As a result, it can spray up to 300 gallons every year. The paint fluid section is replaceable which enhances the paint sprayer’s life as well. 

You can easily operate and paint it with an all-metal gun. Also, the power supply supports both AC and DC power. Again the Titan controlmax 1700 paint sprayer comes with a 30 ft hose. So you are able to connect it in place and cover large areas without replacing it every time. 

In addition, no battery is required. And the company offers 2 years of service and product limited warranty.

  • Suitable for all types of interior and outdoor surface
  • Excellent for vast projects
  • 3X higher painting speed than brush or roll
  • Enriched with HEA technology
  • Can reduce 55% overspray
  • Can handle multiple guns if requires
  • Durable metal gun and tip attachment
  • Provide uniform and consistent coverage
  • Features 300 gallons every year spraying capability
  • Have a replaceable fluid section
  • Easy and simple to operate
  • Colorful design with classical appearance
  • Features 30 ft hose for covering large space at a time
  • Run through both AC and DC power supply
  • The battery is not needed to operate the paint sprayer
  • Completely safe to use
  • Affordable price range
  • 2 years of warranty
  • The battery is not included, it only depends on electricity. If electricity is gone somehow, your painting may need to stop for a while.

Product Specifications at a glance

BrandTitan tool
Dimension30 x 13.5 x 16 inches
Weight19.4 pounds
Size‎Control Max 1700
Included Components‎ControlMax Sprayer, Hose, ControlMax Gun and ControlMax 515 Tip
Hose length30 feet
Operating pressure1500 PSI
Power SourceAC/DC
Batteries Required?No
Batteries included?No
Warranty2 years

The Ultimate Guide for Buying the Right Airless Paint Sprayer

Before making a purchase decision for an airless paint sprayer, you should consider several factors to find out the best one. So we are going to present some considering factors for buying the right airless paint sprayer- 

Material and Surface Type

Buying an airless paint sprayer is a long-term investment. So the materials should be durable and long-lasting. It should be water-resistant as well as won’t damage while conducted with paints. 

Again, you should choose a versatile airless paint sprayer like the  Titan controlmax 1700. So that you can use any type of paint color for any surface. 

Project Size

Usually, an airless paint sprayer is used for large projects. Though there are so many varieties found in the market. Based on your project size, you should choose the paint sprayer. Our reviewed Titan ContronMax 1700 airless sprayer is suitable for larger projects.

If you choose a smaller capacity sprayer for your project, it won’t complete your task on time. Again, it will cost more as well as need more labor. 

On the other hand, it’s not worth buying a large capacity airless paint sprayer for small projects. 

Cord and Hose Length

The length of the cord and hose are also important considerations while choosing an airless paint sprayer. The longer cord and hose are helpful to operate and cover large areas. Though it also depends on the project size. Like Titan controlmax 1700 airless paint sprayer has a 30 feet long hose. So that you can use it in large projects. 

For smaller projects, you can adjust the hose and cord length. But if you buy a small hose including a paint sprayer, you will face difficulties in covering large areas. You need to move and replace the sprayer machine for every corner of the room or wall. 

So buying a longer hose and cord including an airless sprayer is worth it for small to large projects.

Controlmax 1700

Volume capacity

The volume capacity of a paint sprayer defines its durability. The volume capacity is measured in terms of the week or annual throughput. 

To get the best results, the airless sprayers should have the capacity to handle 100 gallons per week. 

So far, the Titan controlmax 1700 airless paint sprayer comes with a higher throughput capacity. It can handle around 300 gallons throughput every year.

Type of the tip

The tip of the spray machine defines the width, atomization level, and delivery intensity of paint. Also, the coverage depends on selecting the right tip of the airless paint sprayer. The titan control max 1700 offers a wide nozzle end. So far, most of the airless sprayers have up to 1500 PSI output that has a small tip size to knock out thick paints.

Number of Guns

Based on your projects, you should be concerned about the number of guns of the airless paint sprayer. The maximum airless sprayer comes with 1 gun like our review Titan control max 1700 sprayer. It’s one shooter that will be capable enough to cover huge areas.

Again, some of the airless sprayers have more than one gun. That will speed up the process as well as be helpful to work on multiple projects simultaneously. 

Controlmax 1700 review

Other Accessories 

A good airless sprayer must-have safety features, filters, an easy assembly facility, and so on. The filter attachment will separate the internal components and provide a buttery finish. Again, you should buy a paint sprayer that you can easily assemble and reassemble. As a result, you can clean the spray machine effortlessly. 

Some of the airless paint sprays come with a battery. Make sure you choose the rechargeable battery-included sprayer. Hence you don’t need to be dependent on electricity or frequent changes in batteries. 

Price and Warranty 

You should spend money on an airless sprayer according to its features and performance. In general, you will find a good quality airless sprayer machine for under 300 dollars. 

Again, check whether the company provides a warranty or not. Try to buy the sprayer with a warranty so that you will be tension-free about painting machines.

We already discussed the features and facilities of the Titan controlmax 1700 airless paint sprayer. The above features are presented on Titan controlmax 1700 paint sprayers to paint uniformly. 

Final Verdict

What do you think now about the Titan controlmax 1700 airless paint sprayer? There is nothing absent in this controlmax 1700 airless paint sprayer to cover and paint any surfaces. Then why not we choose this one for you?

It’s a versatile paint sprayer that can operate at high pressure. Also features fast and even more painting than other tools. It can cover a large area in a short time without compromising the quality. At the same time, it reduces space. 

As a result, using this Titan controlmax 1700 airless sprayer saves your time and money as well. 

In terms of quality, technology, speed, performance, efficiency, consistency, and affordability, we can be said the Titan controlmax 1700 is one of the best airless paint sprayers on the market. 

It will make your dull walls colorful as well as your life.

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