Wagner flexio 990 review : Yay or Nay

From your simple DIY project to even painting an entire ten-storied building, spray painters are part of every project that needs painting. It gets much easier and convenient to spray paint on surfaces like wood and wall than to brush them with so much mess in the making.

And when it comes to spray painter, Wagner is the name that comes first as one of the leading brands in the market. They have produced a number of top-class spray painters for a long time, and it gets truly difficult to pick one over the other. Today, we are picking up the Flexio 990 Sprayer to explore whether it’s worth your money or not.

If you are looking for a detailed Wagner Flexio 990 review, let’s jump right in!  

Wagner flexio 990 review

Technical Details of the Wagner Flexio 990 Paint Sprayer

Take a look at the technical specs of the Wagner Flexio 990 paint sprayer at a glance.

  • Air Consumption: 4 gallons per minute
  • Turbine Stages: 2
  • Material Flow Control: Yes
  • Hose Pipe Length: 22 feet
  • Feed Style: Siphon Feed
  • Pressure Rating: 4 PSI
  • Sprayer Design: Airless-assisted
  • Paint Bucket Capacity: From 1 to 5 gallons
  • Maximum Speed: 9 gallons per hour
  • Pump Style: 110V Peristaltic Pump
  • Air Flow Control: Yes
  • Hose Diameter: 3/8 inches
  • Weight: 7 pounds
  • Paint Options: Urethanes, Varnishes, Stains, Sealers, Oil based paint, Latex, Acrylic, Lacquers, and Water-based paints.

Salient Features of the Wagner Flexio 990 Sprayer

Now, let’s have a look at the key features of the Flexio 990 paint sprayer that make it a standout sprayer in the market.

Simple Power Output

To start it with, the device is powered by a 120V output which is a standard household power output. This makes it really easy to apply the device for regular household work. You don’t need to use any air compressor in this case; simply connect the device to the power output, and you are ready to go. 

X-Boost Dial

You need to adjust the pressure of the spray depending on the thickness of the paint you are using. Most paint sprayers have a complicated process for this. That’s where wagner flexio 990 paint sprayers make an impressive move. It introduced the X-Boost dial that can conveniently control the pressure of the paint according to the paint’s thickness.

Using the simple dial knob, you can quickly adjust the pressure as it has some step-by-step numbers engraved. Select the pressure level according to your needs, and you are ready to run.

Remember, if you are painting in a closed area, you will need lower pressure for the spray. On the opposite, for wider spray painting, the pressure should be higher. So, whatever you are choosing to do, using the X-Boost dial, you can switch the pressure level right away.

Versatility in Material Application

Having the Wagner flexio 990 spray painter on your side, you won’t limit yourself to certain types of painting. While most common spray painters out there can be used with only a few options like primers and stains, this one is capable of applying more than that.

You can use the spray painter with varnish, latex paint, primers, stains, enamels paints, and most other common paint materials. The best part is, you don’t need to thin down the latex paints if you are applying them through this device. It can be applied by reserving the default thickness.

What this does is reduce the number of layers of painting on the object. So, obviously, you save yourself from the headache of over-spraying and causing uneven textures on different parts of the object. With this spray painter, you can paint any wall with just a single or a couple of layers of paint, and you can have a fine finish.

Spray Mode –Horizontal and Vertical

This handy paint sprayer allows you to spray in both horizontal and vertical directions. You get to paint upside down and side-by-side, whatever methods you need for your painting project. There’s a simple dial on the device that can be used to switch between vertical and horizontal modes.

Wagner flexio 990

Stationary Turbine

As the turbine of the spray paint setup is the heaviest equipment of the package, you don’t have to carry it around. The turbine can be kept fixed on one side of the floor, and it is connected to the paint bucket.

It is also connected to the paint gun through a hose pipe. Once you start the turbine, it takes a bit of time to reach the gun. You need to test the spray through the gun to see if the spray is flawless. After a few test sprays, you should get an even spray flow. 

As for the spray gun, it weighs just a couple of pounds, so if you are holding it for a long time, it won’t cause fatigue or pressure on your hand. You can easily use it all day.

Easy Paint Transfer

As we have mentioned earlier, the turbine can quickly and easily pull paint from one to five gallons of paint buckets. Its suction system will pull the paint from the bucket and store the paint in the built-in container.

 This way, it will travel through the hose toward the spray gun. So, you don’t need to be worried about cleaning the painting mess anymore. It will leave a hands free cleaning and spill-free working area.

However, this setup is best for use on larger painting projects. It’s not suitable for small projects like painting on smaller objects. For this, there’s a solution, too. The package comes with a small paint container that can be attached to the spray gun. 

You need to detach the turbine from the gun by getting rid of the hose and simply attaching the small paint container. Now, you are ready to paint on narrow areas without any issues.

Lock-n-go Split Gun

If you are wondering if changing the nozzle head will take a toll of time, you can relax. The Wagner Flexio 990 comes with a Lock-n-go technique that allows you to change nozzles while you are painting quickly.

If a nozzle gets clogged and cleaning it may take time, you can simply loosen the threaded part of the gun and take the nozzle out and replace it with another. Then tighten the thread portion, and you are ready to roll.

Using this very method, you can alternate between horizontal and vertical painting.

Wagner flexio 990 in depth review

Application of The Wagner Flexio 990 Spray Painter

Now, where do you use this device? What project can it serve? Well, we are going to look at some of the projects where you can easily use the Wagner Flexio 990 spray painter. Let’s find out.

Large Interior or Exterior Projects

As you can connect this spray painter to the highest 5-gallon paint bucket, this means you get to use it for large projects pretty easily. From painting the entire inner walls of the house to layer paint on the fences around your house – the wagner flexio 990 is an ideal choice without a doubt.

 Moreover, it’s a definitive choice when it comes to painting with no or less overspray. For example, wooden doors simply can’t be over-sprayed with multiple layers. With the wagner flexio 990 painter’s un-thinned painting method, it gets really easier to paint on such a surface with precision.

Review Wagner flexio 990

Finishing Works

 As the spray paint package comes with a smaller container, it tells you that you can use it on small-scale projects like painting the exterior of the fence or trims. You can consider it for some finishing work, as well. Simply detach the turbine from the gun and fix the paint container, and you can easily go down narrower places for tiny painting tasks.

DIY Painting Jobs

This goes without saying that the spray painter is a perfect fit for painting on DIY items. Simply use the paint container with the gun and spray paint any project you have crafted. With no over-spraying confirmed, you are going to get the best paint for your DIY projects and paint job.

Pros and Cons of the wagner flexio 990 Paint Sprayer

  • X-boost easy dial technique
  • iSpray technology
  • Dual-nozzle system
  • For both large- and small-scale paint
  • Lock-n-go split gun nozzle change
  • Settled turbine
  • A few users have complained that using unthinned latex paint can cause jamming in it

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Wagner flexio 990 come with a carrying case?

Ans. Unfortunately, there’s no carrying case with the wagner flexio 990 equipment. You have to keep the parts together and place them in a bag while carrying them around.

Does it need an air compressor?

Ans. No, you don’t need to use this device with an air compressor. You need to connect it to a regular 120V power output, and you are ready to go.

How long is the paint hose?

Ans. The hose that comes with the package is 22 feet long.

Final Words

From the Wagner Flexio 990 paint sprayer review above, we hope you have got a clear picture of what advantages you can enjoy using this device. It’s a piece of versatile equipment that can be used for both large and small projects with equal output quality. The best part is the un-thinned spraying capacity that makes it stand out in the crowd. If you are a serious painter looking for a reliable spray painter, you can’t ask for more!

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