How to Clean Dried Latex Paint From Paint Sprayer?

If you think you can clean latex paint with a brush and water, you are wrong. Because latex paint is a strong adhesive, it is less likely to dissolve or melt. 

Since the paint dries very quickly, this solid adhesive means latex paint should be cleaned quickly from the paint sprayer. This is because it reduces the efficiency of the sprayer machine and makes it unusable. 

So, today in our article, we will highlight the best and easiest solution to clean this dry latex paint. Follow our article’s instructions step-by-step if you want to know how to clean dry latex paint from paint sprayer.

So, let’s find out what we need to consider to know the instructions.

Latex Paint

Things to Know Before Remove the Dried Latex Paint

Did you know that latex paint means water-based paint? You can use this paint to work on any general painting project like wall and ceiling work. 

Since it is easy to work with latex paint again, it dries very quickly. As you know, latex paint is a very sticky type, so if it dries quickly, you know it will be much harder to clean. 

On the other hand, we know that any device as important as a paint sprayer needs to clean regularly to prolong its life. And if it is not cleaned correctly, the sprayer will stick to the paint, so you can no longer use it for later use. 

If you have selected latex paint for its quick-drying properties, you also need to clean the latex paint from the paint sprayer quickly after work.

Does Cleaning the Sprayer Really Matter?

Yes. As we mentioned above, latex paint is a water-based paint that will have a thin consistency. As it is a wet type, it is possible to paint it with any paint sprayer. 

But latex paints are too thick, so the tip of the paint spray gun can get stuck. If the sprayer tip gets stuck, it will not be possible to continue the painting work normally. 

And, the only way to eliminate this clutter is to clean the sprayer properly and remove the latex paint. When you remove dry latex from the sprayer, the effectiveness of your spray gun will return to normal. 

In addition, this sprayer is designed to do its job perfectly, so it’s essential to clean the sprayer properly. Most of the time, we rent a paint sprayer. In that case, it would be more important to clean it. 

However, it would be best not to give the sprayer dry paint to the owner. If you want to give it, you have to clean the paint sprayer and then return it.

How to Clean Dried Latex Paint from Paint Sprayer.

Tips and Tricks to Follow the Simple Process

Before we learn how to clean dry latex paint, we will share some special tips with you. If you follow this, you can easily understand the steps for cleaning latex paint. 

Before cleaning the paint from the sprayer, you need to know the parts that you need to clean. If your oil-based paint is used, it is best to use a thinner to clean the sprayer. And, the most effective tip is to clean the paint periodically. 

Don’t be surprised, and if you keep the sprayer clean regularly, it will help your painting process resolve very quickly. In addition, if the unclean paint sprayer is well kept clean, it will be possible to eliminate any problems that may occur. 

Let me tell you another vital trick; it is better to use hot water to remove the paint quickly. If the water is too hot, the paint will be removed very easily. Another thing to keep in mind is never to use thin paint on the paint sprayer.

Require Equipment 

To know how to clean dry latex paint from a paint sprayer, let’s see the equipment used in it.

  1. The garden hose.
  2. Cleaning brush.
  3. Cloth
  4. The pliers
  5. Two 5 gallon buckets 
  6. Throat seal liquid or anti-corrosion liquid.
clean latex paint

Step-by-step Instructions- How to remove dried latex paint from sprayer 

The first step in the instructions is to collect the pieces of equipment. Now, let’s follow the whole procedure. 

Step-1: Disassemble the Paint Sprayer

First, separate the parts like the housing tip and guard located on the back of the paint sprayer. Next, unscrew the screw on the inside of the handle with the help of the plus. 

Now, separate the filter part in the sprayer and put the part of the housing tip and guard in the bucket filled with water. Yes, you need to fill a 5-gallon bucket with hot water because the water must be heated to remove the paint quickly.

Step-2: Cleaning all the Entire Parts

In this step, you are ready to clean all the parts that are kept in the bucket. Use a soft-bristled brush to clean dry latex paint from a sprayer to remove the paints quickly. 

After that, scrub all the parts with a brush in this way and take care later so that there is no residual paint left. Notice if there is clear light in the spray hole to see if the tip is well cleaned. 

Nest, the filter needs to be washed to clean it, and it doesn’t need a brush scrub. Once all the parts are clean, they should be wiped well with a cloth and dried.

Step-3: Deep Cleaning with the Prime Mode

This will thoroughly clean your paint sprayer. And this is because complete paint removal will not be possible unless the actual sprayer is thoroughly cleaned. Since you have removed enough paint from the sprayer in the previous cleaning step, use another 5-gallon bucket of water again to clean it in this step deeply. 

Now, point the sprayer to the water so that it can easily absorb the bucket of water. Next, gently press the button to set the sprayer to prime mode. This will turn on the sprayer for absorbing the water directly and keep this process running for at least 5 to 6 minutes. 

Step-4: Wash out the Sprayer

After absorbing the water in the sprayer for a long time, the dry paint sticking to it starts to soften. So please turn on the prime button again and keep it on until the plastic siphon tube is clean and make sure no more paint sticks to it. 

Next, spray water through the gun and hose until clean water comes out with the sprayer. When you see the water coming out very clean, you will understand that the sprayer is completely clean.

Step-5: Store the Sprayer

After the sprayer is completely clean, it should be well dried. The sprayer needs to be dried because it can be stored for a long time. Therefore, you can use an anti-corrosion liquid because it eliminates the erosion of the sprayer. 

Or, you can also use a throat seal liquid that helps protect the pump rod from excessive drying. 


By the way, you have read our guidelines on how to clean dried latex paint from paint sprayer, and you have understood all the steps to clean dry latex paint. Since you know that latex paints dry very quickly, they need to be cleaned before they block the sprayer entirely. 

Because using a clean sprayer makes the paint smoother and makes your work more professional. So, follow our given guidelines to complete this obvious task correctly. 

When you follow the instructions in the article, you can learn how to save, starting with sprayer cleaning.

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