How To Spray Walls Without Hitting Ceiling!

It is the best idea to spray paint on the ceiling before painting the walls for the best results. But there is always a fear of spoiling the ceiling with the wall paint.

Hitting your ceiling with the wall paint is often done while spraying the walls. This is so irritating to look at the ceiling greased with the wall paint.

However, are you afraid of hitting the ceiling while spraying the walls? In this article, you are going to find an easy way to avoid hitting ceiling during spray walls. hit

How to paint in celling

5 Easy Step- How To Spray Walls Without Hitting Ceiling?

It is not impossible after knowing these very easy steps on spraying wall paint without damage your ceiling while you’re doing a paint job. 

No further ado! Let’s jump.

The Accessories You Are Going To Need

Before starting to spray the wall, prepare these accessories. Here is that the list:

  • Safety gear for you ( Gloves, Mask, Safety glasses)
  • Masking tape and Painters tape
  • Plastic tarp or newspapers
  • Absorbent cloth.
  • A bucket
  • Spray
  • Preferable paint
Spraying Walls

Steps To Avoid Hitting Ceiling While Spraying Walls

The necessary steps you need to follow to get a beautiful newly painted wall without any grease on the ceiling.

Step 1: Prepare Your Room

to prepare the room there are certain things to do like moving furniture, turning off the power line, covering the entire floor, door, and window corners.

  • You can start with moving all the furniture that is near to the wall. The bulky furniture is not possible to move from the room then cover it with a thick cloth.
  • Then turn off the power of the room. Remove the lights and meters or cover them with the help of newspaper and masking tape. Cover the wall sockets.
  • After that, it comes to cover the floor. It is better to cover the entire floor before spraying paint. To cover the floor a plastic tarp or absorbent cloth can be used.
  • Do not cover the windows. It is important to keep the room in proper ventilation during work. Only cover the door and window corner with newspaper and masking tape.

Step 2: Prepare The Walls

Now you have to prepare the wall for painting. To do so you have to cover the ceiling corner of the walls you are going to spray paint.

  • The first thing to do is wash the walls with soap water and a sponge to clean the walls.
  • Dry the walls with a clean cloth or wait until the walls get dry properly.
  • After drying the walls cover the ceiling corners with painter’s tape. It is the imperative part of the project. Cover from one corner to another carefully.

Step 3: Take Precaution

Some paints are toxic and are hazardous to health. They can cause serious health issues if you are not aware of safety gear.

Before painting the walls it is mandatory to wear safety gear like a mask, gloves, safety glasses, and proper clothing. This will cover your body from direct contact with the paint.

Spraying the Walls

Step 4:  Spraying the Walls

  • To spray the paint on the walls you need to prepare the paint first. Take a bowl or bucket with a suitable handle. Then pour the preferable color of paint in the bucket. Add some water if needed.
  • Take your spray and start from a corner. Place the spray against the wall and spray at a steady pace. For better result you can use handheld paint sprayers.
  • Spray the corners very carefully so as not to touch the ceiling. Make sure that the paint is equally spread everywhere. To ensure uniform distribution spray in the direction of up and down.

Step 5: Let The Wall To Dry

Once you finish spraying the paint now let the wall dry properly. Do not touch the wall right after spraying.

After drying the paint remove all the masking tapes from the ceiling corners you will find a smooth finished wall.

Final Words

Now you might be wondering how easy to do this job. As we’ve said earlier in this “how to spray walls without hitting ceiling” step-to-step guide.

However, Let’s share your thought & work experiences that you overcome while you’re doing this type of painting job.

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