How To Paint Sauder Furniture

Even the most skilled DIYers may find painting Sauder furniture a challenge. Since they’re laminated and have a nonporous surface, they’re easier to clean. Poor adhesions after the paint has dried/cured and bubbled while the paint and primer are still wet are problems that painters face. Today we will talk about How To Paint Sauder Furniture.

Painting hoops can make you keep banging your head against the desk in an attempt to extract out some ideas for a solution. Most of Sauder’s snap-together furniture has parts made of particleboard. Laminated boards are often used to make them look like real wood. Hardware comes with them. They are drilled, notched, and grooved, so they can be used with the hardware that comes with them.

Paint Sauder Furniture

Follow these steps for Paint Sauder Furniture

Remove All Hardware From the Piece of Furniture

Remove any visible hardware, such as knobs, pulls, or hinges from the piece of furniture before painting.

As a result, when rolling paint, there will be no obstructions. Also, You can still use painter’s tape to mask off any areas you don’t intend to paint.

Completely Sand Down the Piece

Because of the laminate’s smooth, nonporous surface, you’ll need to sand it to roughen up the surface for the primer and paint to adhere to.

It will have poor adhesion when the paint dries if this isn’t done.

Scuff the surface with 120-to 220-grit sandpaper until you see a small white spot on the material to remove the shine properly.

Since they are lightweight and easy to operate, I prefer palm-grip sanders. Keep sanding till you get to the plywood or other squeezed wood underneath the laminate; otherwise, your mission will fail.

Surfaces Should Be Properly Cleaned

Once the furniture has been sanded, you can also use a portable vacuum and a moist cloth to remove any remaining dust.

Everything should be completely clean and dry by now.

Prime the Piece

When the furniture has been sanded, it’s time to apply a coat of primer to it. In addition to paint, primer is a substance used to help the paint adhere to the wall or ceiling. Because it extends the life of the paint and improves the appearance, priming is essential if you want a professional-looking finish.

There are a lot of primers out there, and it cannot be easy to choose the best one for the job. You can use any primer you want as long as it says it is suitable for shiny surfaces. It is recommended that you use 1-2 coats, and the drying time can take up to 7 days.

Understandably, this has caused some consternation on your part, as other brands may offer significantly longer warranties.

Sauder furniture can be dry to the touch in just a few hours, but it won’t be resistant to scratches until the primer has hardened. This is a well-known fact. So, pay attention!

To get the best results, I strongly recommend adhering to the recommended coats and drying times. Before the primer has healed, there is no need to rush and paint over it.

Painting Sauder Furniture

When the primer is done, it is time to paint your piece. You can use any color of paint you like. The corners should be painted with a foam paintbrush and the flat areas with a foam roller.

The most recommended is to apply 3 to 4 coats and gently sand in between with fine-grit sandpaper to achieve a professional finish. Drips should be removed with a single-edged razor once dried and repainted. Unless the paint has properly adhered to your furniture, you’ll see bubbles through the paint if you look closely. A little extra sanding and priming will be told to eliminate the laminate, which is still there.

The Sauder furniture must be sanded and primed before any other work can begin. If you don’t prepare the surface, your paint won’t adhere properly. If you don’t like laminate’s appearance or want to give your furniture a unique look,

Put Everything Together and Assemble the Removed Parts

Before actually reassembling the parts, allow the paint to dry overnight. Putting the parts or shelving back in may result in scratches, although it may be difficult to get them to fit.

Use a foam brush to go over any scratched or missed areas when this happens. Let them dry, and you’re done.

Tips When Painting Sauder Furniture for Best Results

Damaged Sauder Furniture Should Never Be Painted Over Before painting, make sure to fix any major or minor damage or reface the furniture. That’s because paint can’t adhere to the surface if there are cracks, warps, or peels. Leave No Grit Residues or Dirt.

It may be appealing to avoid cleaning the piece, given the time and effort required. Your dirty little secret will be exposed when the paint fails to adhere to the Sauder. Trisodium phosphate can be used if necessary to remove stubborn stains or grease. Let the furniture dry completely before rinsing it off with clean water and drying.

Additional simple tips include:

  • Protect yourself from fumes by working in a well-ventilated area and wearing PPE.
  • Do not leave a trail of brushstrokes in the aftermath of your brushwork.
  • Use a new primer and paint at all times.

What Is the Best Way to Paint Sauder Furniture Without Sanding?

The surface layer of your Sauder furniture should be painted with a small amount of chalk paint (which can be easily removed if it doesn’t stick). You can try to remove it with your fingernail after it’s dried for a full 24 hours. If the chalk paint adheres well, you can proceed with painting the rest of your Sauder furniture with it. Preparation, such as sanding or priming, is rarely necessary when using Chalk Paint, which can be applied to nearly any surface, indoors or out.

It’s important to apply a sealer or topcoat to safeguard the paint.

However, there are times when Sauder furniture needs to be left alone for at least a week before placing anything on it.

Because it takes 30 days for the paint to completely dry, you shouldn’t use it right away because the paint may be damaged by the weight of the books and accessories it will be carrying.

When it comes to painting Sauder furniture, the key to success is perseverance. Check out some Best Paint Sprayer for Furniture and Cabinets.

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