How to Replace Batteries in Roundup Sprayer

A lot of people use the Roundup Sprayer. It’s a battery powered garden sprayer that can run on disposal AA batteries. As you take a good look at the sprayer wand, it will slowly start becoming pertinent that there is a specified removable or openable slot where the batteries go.

This is why people get extremely confused when it comes to changing the batteries. They can’t find the place where the batteries go. And the want is a very lightweight and fragile machine. If you don’t know where exactly the batteries go, you might damage the sprayer for good.

This not knowing actually led many people to seek professional help for changing such batteries. The gap of knowledge created such a fuss out of a menial job.

In this article, I will show you the step by step process of how to replace batteries in roundup sprayer and also I will discuss other usual problems that people face while using this machine.

How to Replace Batteries in Roundup Sprayer?

Let’s proceed with the process of changing batteries in the roundup sprayer.

Replace Batteries in Roundup Sprayer

Step 1

At first you have to look at the entire mechanism of the sprayer and understand which parts you have to take out. You will see that the sprayer wand is connected with the container head with a pipe. Before doing anything on the sprayer wand, make sure there is no liquid that will interrupt the process.

Step 2

Before taking out the batteries, drain the liquid if there is any in the sprayer and the pipe. Because if any is left in the sprayer and pipe it might enter the mechanical part of the sprayer and damage the machine. You might have to change the sprayer wand.

Step 3

After the wand sprayer is drained and dry just check the bottom part of the sprayer wand. In the bottom part you will see that the hose connecting to the container comes out and there are two screws that have kept the compartment closed. The compartment would seem like a construction part but don’t worry. You can open them.

Step 4

Unscrew the screws and finally, you will find where the AA batteries go that power this machine. Take the batteries out.

Step 5

Using a small brush or a cloth, you may clean the inside of the battery holder. If the device has remained sealed properly, there will not be any dust. A simple blow of air would clean the place.

Step 6

Now, insert the batteries that you brought to replace the old ones. Put the panel back in and using the screwdriver to unscrew the screws, screw them back tightly enough till it feels secured.

Step 7

The last step is to check whether the batteries have fit properly or not and whether the sprayer is working properly or not. If it is, you’re done. If not, check for other problems that might have happened to the sprayer.

How to Fix Roundup Battery Powered Sprayer

Roundup battery powered sprayers are not above problems. Sometimes, many things can happen that can bring upon certain situations where you will see that the “battery powered sprayer not working”.

In those situations, the most common thing that happens is either the tip/nozzle of the sprayer gets clogged, or the motor is shot. Let’s talk about how to unclog the tip/nozzle.

Unclog the Tips/Nozzle

This is a fairly easy thing to do. Due to the consistency of the liquid sprayed from the sprayer, the tip and the nozzle might get clogged. The easiest way to unclog is to take a bucket of slightly hot water and put the sprayer head and the nozzles in the water. Make sure the wand body is kept out of the water.

The hot water will slowly wear off the clog.After the clog wears off, try using the sprayer. You will see that the sprayer is working perfectly.

Fix the Motor

You can fix the motor following the steps below-

Fix the Motor

Step 1

Wear chemical-resistant Neoprene gloves to safeguard your hands. Remove your Roundup sprayer’s pump by unscrewing it and pulling it out of the sprayer. With your fingernail, remove the flat seal at the bottom of the pump assembly. Insert a new flattened seal from a Roundup lawn sprayer repair kit. It should be simple to insert. Using your hands, slide the gasket from the top of the pump unit down and off the shaft. Insert the additional gasket from the package.

Step 2

Drag down the plastic locking tabs that hold the pump assembly’s top in place and spin it clockwise. If using your fingers doesn’t work, carefully push the lock tabs with two flat-head screwdrivers. Remove the uncovered, big O-ring that surrounds the pump plunger, using a tiny, flat-head screwdriver to pull it out of position if required.

Step 3

Lubricate a fresh, replaced O-ring from the tool kit with a little quantity of light vegetable oil before sliding or rolling it into the channel from where the old O-ring was removed. If desired, apply a little quantity of vegetable oil over the upper portion of the shaft chamber’s inside wall and distribute it with the plunger. That oil can help the pump run more efficiently. Return the plunger to the shaft and click the locking tab of the pump assembly’s cover and shafts together.

Step 4

Remove the wand and spray-handle components from the hose end. Flip the gasket or O-ring seal out of the channel using your fingernail or a tiny, flat-head screwdriver at either base of the wand and at the spray-handle assembly. Replace the O-rings or gaskets in the channels with replacement O-rings or gaskets from the repair kit. Reattach the spray-handle mechanism and wand to the hose’s end.

Step 5

Remove the nozzle from the tip of the wand and clean out any dirt that has accumulated inside the nozzle. Replace the O-ring which is around the nozzle tip of the wand with a new O-ring. Replace the current nozzle adjustment piece with a spare included with the sprayer or a new nozzle.

How to Assemble a Roundup Sprayer?

Most people know how they have to open a roundup sprayer. But the problem comes with people trying to assemble it back. So, it’s a very evidently asked question about how to assemble a roundup sprayer. Let’s proceed with it.

Push the connection at the end of the hose firmly into the pump’s spout until it locks into position. Extend the wand- Remove the sprayer wand from the bottle. Pull out on the wand nozzle tip while pressing the yellow button. Extend the wand completely till the yellow button clicks into the spray position.

Final Words

While using a machine, it is important to know how you can do small maintenance and repairs yourself. With a roundup sprayer, it’s equally important to know how to replace batteries in roundup sprayer as well as knowing how to assemble a roundup sprayer.

I have already shown several ways of that including how you can repair the roundup sprayer in need. Hopefully this information will help you to take better care of the roundup sprayer you own.

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