Can You Use Kilz in a Paint Sprayer? || How Can You Apply Kilz? A Complete Guide

I don’t like my house surface to get blemished in terms of ink, water damage, grease, and many more. If these happen, my surface will be discolored and make my interior design look ugly. If you too don’t like all those messy things that can damage the regular paint of your house, here you go.

The kilz paint spray will be the top-class solution for you to get the interior-based stain-blocking paint. But, can you use kilz in a paint sprayer?

Well, I’ve prepared my article to help you explore all these essential queries about kilz. I will assist you knowing where and how you can apply kilz.

About Kilz Spray

Undoubtedly, the Kilz is one of the top brands of paint primer. It’s not just a paint primer, but a deodorizer, sealer, and stain blocker. Therefore, the kilz is one of the most popular brands of painters for homeowners. So, getting the look that you’re waiting for will be easier with kilz.

The kilz is an outstanding interior-based design primer that is highly appreciated among professionals to apply for the luxury surface. If you get any unexpected scratch, marker spot, nicotine, and other types of surface damage, the kilz primer spray will solve your problem so easily.

Kilz Spray

It is a heavy-duty paint spray to allow you use by brushing, spraying, or rolling on the surface. Remember this kilz sprayer should be thinned for paint sprayer in terms of its viscosity. So, there’s no option to be doubted like can Kilz be thinned for spraying?

This amazing primer works for various surface types like brick, drywall, wood, plaster, masonry, paneling, painted metal, and so on. So, it will allow you to deal with almost all types of surface materials. But, you’re not supposed to use the kilz for flooring surface.

Can You Use Kilz in A Paint Sprayer?

It’s often a great concern for non-professionals whether or not the kilz is usable in a paint sprayer. If you want me to remove your confusion directly, my answer is yes. The kilz is perfect to use in a paint sprayer.

However, if you’re worried about the spray of kilz, it is an easy spray. This paint sprayer will let you go for a tip from 15,000 to 21,000. And, it comes with a 60 mesh standard filter.

How to Apply Primer for a Paint Sprayer?

While you’ve known the versatility of the kilz paint spray, you must have a query on its application procedure.

I already have told you to make sure the paint sprayer is thinned properly before you use it. It is because the kilz is a heavy-duty primer that comes in high thickness. But, you must know properly how to thin primer for a kilz sprayer. Or else, it can spoil your whole procedure.

How to Apply Primer for a Paint Sprayer

Well, if you still don’t know how to thin primer your kilz sprayer, I’m adding some important factors to consider. These factors will teach you to thin primer for a paint sprayer.

So, this part of my article will help you learn how you can apply the kilz in your paint sprayer. Go through the following steps –

  • Put your kilz can on a flat surface where the surface is covered with vinyl cloths or with well-protective plastic.
  • Now take a screwdriver with a flat-based design or a paint key and keep prying around the can lid to open it. But, you’ve to pry carefully so that the liquid won’t come out.
  • Take a paint stick and blend the kilz thoroughly to make the liquid as creamier as possible. I recommend not stirring too much which can create a watery residue on the liquid top.
  • Remove around 11/2 to 2 cups of the liquid from the can and stock in another container. You can use a measuring cup to get the appropriate measurement.
  • Now add the same amount of water 11/2 to 2 cups to your kilz can. Keep stirring until you get a smooth consistency.
  •  Read the manufacturer’s instructions properly to load the sprayer appropriately. Now you can spray the surface using steady and wide strokes to avoid running.
  • The last step is to add back the 11/2 cups of liquid primer that you’ve removed in the beginning. Now, add some water around ½ ounces of that primer mixture. Keep stirring and refill your kilz paint sprayer as much as you need.
  • Your Kilz application in a paint sprayer is done!

Remember, your paint will look blotchy and tacky unless you apply the primer as it should be. So, you should know how to apply the kilz primer with a sprayer.

What to Do If the Primer Is Thick

It’s frustrating for the beginners if they get the primer in a too thick condition. But, it’s a simple and common thing for professionals because they know how to solve it.

Well, if you also experiencing the kilz primer for the first time and don’t know what to do with extremely thick primer, here you are.

If you see the primer is thick, place the paint in a container to dry properly. You should handle the whole process carefully. However, infuse every 3 parts of your paint with one part of mineral spirits or turpentine. And, keep stirring using a stick.

You’re almost there to solve the thickness of the primer. Check whether the paint is still thick. If so, make it thinner using my given formula on top. Yet, your process is done, and you can now test whether the paint is working alright on the surface.


The use of kilz primer is versatile that will offer you plenty of options for your convenience. But can you use kilz in a paint sprayer? Well, kilz is a painting product that will allow you to do your entire surface painting job.

So, yes, I don’t think you’ve any more confusion to be worry to ask me such a question like kilz is usable for a paint sprayer.  It is completely alright to use kilz in a paint sprayer.

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