5 Best Primer For Acrylic Paint – Give the acrylic paint a premier bonding capability

When it comes to types of paint, there are many kinds to pick from such as oil paints, enamel, spray paint, watercolor, etc. Each comes with its benefits and is made to provide a different outlook and texture. Acrylic paint is known to be extremely versatile for painting needs. 

It can be worked as craft paint, applied on canvases, walls and various surfaces. In most cases, acrylic paint doesn’t require any adhesive support, but I recommend you to use the best primer for acrylic paint to make it function better in all circumstances. 

When you plan to apply paint on wood or wall, it’s better to prime wood or the wall with a thin layer of primer. In this article, I’ve picked out some of the top primers that are made to adhere to acrylic. Let’s check them out.

What is acrylic latex primer?

Before highlighting latex primer, first, you need to know what a primer is. It is a solution that works as the initial preparation step for a painting project. When you paint directly on a surface, there are chances of it not adhering to the plane and coming off easily. This is where primers come in.

Acrylic latex primers are formulated for creating the base support for acrylic paints. Latex primers have a water-based formula that goes into any unfinished painting project for preparation. Acrylic latex primer works on sealing the fibers on the substrate and makes the wall absorbent. 

Latex primers are made to work with acrylic paint. Both are water-based formulas and go hand in hand. They work faster than any other combination. They dry completely in a flash and make your work process easier. Latex primers help the acrylic paint to stick better and provide an elastic surface that can withstand unwanted hazards. 

Why use primer for acrylic paint?

When you apply a primer before putting on acrylic paint, it is meant to support, protect and seal acrylic paint at will. Primers not only work as bonding agents but also give you a smooth surface to work with. It helps the color stand out and makes it pop better.

Why do you need a primer for acrylic paint? Well, take for example coloring a wood surface with acrylic. There are chances that the formula might not stick to the surface or you might not have the desired result. This is where a primer helps to bind the paint. 

Keep in mind that not all surfaces will accommodate the paint perfectly. For instance, wood can resist many paint types. This is why I recommend you to use a fine layer of primer before you put on the main paint formula. This applies to all kinds of surfaces and not just wood. 

Many might say that acrylic paint doesn’t need primers, which is true in some cases, but what’s the problem with giving it a better holding capacity by using a primer?

5 best primers for acrylic paint – Time to boost up the binding property

1. Vallejo Surface Primer (Best proper for acrylic paint on plastic)

Coloring models, miniatures and plastic surfaces might seem easy and hassle-free, but it’s not easy in reality. Paint adhesion is a common problem when applying a paint coat on such planes. Let me present to you the Vallejo acrylic polyurethane primer that can make your colors stand out and stick to the surface in the best possible way.

Vallejo started its journey in 1965 and since then they have evolved into a forerunner in making paint and binding agents. This particular gray formula is non-toxic, non-flammable and works with acrylic paint without any issues. What else does it offer? Let’s figure it out. 


  • Made by Vallejo
  • Comes in a Gray color
  • Suitable for acrylic paint
  • Can be used on interior or exterior
  • It has a quantity of 6.76 fl oz


Made for acrylic paint

This product works as a fine base coat for acrylic and polyurethane finishes. It is durable and gives a smoother texture for the second coat to adhere better.

Multi-surface use

Vallejo acrylic primer is made to be applied on all kinds of surfaces. Not just plastic, this primer will sit on wood, metal, PVC, brass and such. 

Fast drying 

Once you put this primer to use, this is going to work like magic. It is fast drying and will be fully prepped in an hour or less. You can then apply acrylics using brushes once it dries out. 

Easy maintenance

When talking about cleaning procedures, this product does not need any extra work. Just use water to clean the surface and it should not deteriorate.


It is a little expensive compared to other primers of the same stature. When working on surfaces other surfaces apart from plastic, you might have to put on a second coat or even a third to retain a satisfactory finish.

Expert’s Verdict

I can assure you that this is one excellent primer. It can be airbrushed fairly easily and will cover even the darkest of colors. Works best for miniatures. If you are having a tough time applying direct paint, then give this primer a go and I assure you your top coat will stick to the surface like magic. 

2. XIONLAB Converter and primer (Best primer for acrylic paint on metal)

How about an all-round solution that can work as a primer as well as a rust converter? Yes, stop rust and convert it to phosphate without any sort of scraping task. Let me present to you the XIONLAB 2 in one formula that has been a staple amongst professionals.

It is a primer and rust converter that is extremely resourceful in many situations. It can be used in the automotive industry, commercial work and household needs. What else do you need? If you require a primer that can protect your metal surface, this is it.


  • Made by XIONLAB
  • Has red oxide color
  • Suitable for priming metals
  • It has a quantity of 153 fl oz in 1 gallon


Works on a damp surface

Dampness typically leads to rust and guess what? This primer can be applied even on a damp plane to counter the harshest corrosion. 

Excellent coverage

This unit comes with a good amount of fluid, therefore you can use this sealer and cover many layers without worrying. With 1 gallon you can paint up to 1000 sq ft area. 

Can take different paint

Believe it or not, this formula can be a fine base for all kinds of paints. No matter if it is enamel, water-based, oil-based or anything. It can adhere to anything. 

Easy Cleaning

If you see dust or dirt on the coating, you can clean it easily with water and you don’t need any chemical or soap. 


You will have to thin the paint before use as it is too thick to deal with. It doesn’t work well with epoxy paint and has a strong smell, to be honest. 

Expert’s Verdict

When dealing with primer there is a chance of getting exposed to VOC, but this product has less than 1% volatile organic compound and is safe for use. It is a multitasking product that can be used as a primer and also a rust converter. It works on all kinds of metal and can take on any kind of paint. 

3. THE ONE Paint and primer (Best primer for acrylic paint on wood)

You have to keep in mind that not all primers can act like paint. If you want 2 in one product, I suggest you use THE ONE paint and primer. When it comes to brand value Rainbow Chalk Markers is a superior manufacturer. 

Their products have been acknowledged by many. This particular item is one of their finest products. It has a thick formula and can act solely as black paint without needing any extra coat. Let’s see what it has to offer. 

HE ONE Paint and primer paint


  • Made by Rainbow Chalk Markers
  • Comes in matte black color
  • Suitable for priming woods, metal, stone, etc
  • It has a quantity of 8.45 fl oz


Multi-purpose use

This is 2 in one formula that acts as a primer and a paint as well. The black matte finish can be applied on wood, metal, stone and other surfaces.

Good coverage

Pack of 1 has 8.5 fl oz fluid, which is good enough to cover big areas and can save you time and money. Just clean the surface and apply this formula and see the magic happen.

Ranging finishes

Good thing is that you can pick your favorite finish with this product. If you are into matte, get this one. For gloss and satin finish, there is an option for you to go for it as well.

Safe Usage

This is a water-based formula that has a low odor and almost no VOC. It is safe to use as there are no threatening chemicals. 


What I don’t like is the size. Frankly, it is way smaller than you can imagine. If you put it close to a paint bucket, it will seem like a small mayonnaise jar. 

Expert’s Verdict

I love the finish and outcome of this formula. It is a primer that needs no over-coating. You can cherish the black matte color on woods, plastic and other surfaces without any issues. All you need to do is apply two layers and you are good to go. It has no harmful chemicals and is safe for use.

4. KRYLON Colormaxx acrylic latex (Best primer for acrylic latex paint)

You can paint acrylic on canvases, walls, woods, plastic and many other surfaces. To make it stick better you will need the best acrylic paint primer. For wall paint, many people prefer latex acrylic paints and to make them functional you will need a good primer. I present to you a superior primer Krylon Colormaxx. 

Believe it or not, this product will give you a smoother finish and long-lasting hold. It is easy to apply and has workable features. For durability and top-notch adhesion, I suggest you get this item. Let us see the advantages it boasts. 

 KRYLON Colormaxx acrylic latex


  • Made by Krylon
  • Comes in flat white color
  • Suitable for priming woods, plastic, ceramic, etc
  • It has a quantity of 946 ml


Works on different surfaces

Talk about versatility, this acrylic paint primer can be applied on wood, metal, ceramic, plastic and many other varieties without any hassle. 

For indoor and outdoor use

This product is formulated to be used for both indoor and outdoor use. Start painting with this white acrylic paint without worrying. 

Easy to apply

Half a pint of this fluid can cover 25 sq ft with ease. It is convenient to apply and has simple maintenance. You just need soap and water to clean it up in case of smudges and dirt on it.

Trustworthy brand

Krylon has been making paint formulas since 1947. Believe it or not, there are tons of colors to pick from and this colormaxx is one of their finest creations. You can rely on Krylon for the best products.


Consistency can be a worry for some users. It is a little thin and will need more coatings to get the desired results. 

Expert’s Verdict

When it comes to colors and primers, I’ve to say that Krylon is a worthy manufacturer that you can trust. The colormaxx acrylic paint has a flat white color that is neutral enough to make any surface look striking. Apply acrylic paint on top of it and it will carry the paint for a longer period without deteriorating.

5. INSL-X Multi-surface latex primer sealer (Best primer for acrylic paint on a wall)

An ideal primer has to have a good sealing capability. If you need a later primer for acrylic paint, then INSL-X primer sealer can be a worthy pick. It is a well-known brand and is a workhorse in terms of usability. 

This product can be applied on a wide range of surfaces but works best on walls in my opinion. The white color is simply elegant and will take on top coats without any fuss. This can be applied on interior and exterior planes, what else do you need?


  • Made by INSL-X
  • It is an acrylic latex paint
  • Comes in white color
  • 1 unit contains 32 fl oz


Easy application

Imagine your wall as a canvas and start applying this primer using a roller brush. It is so fun to work with that you don’t need any excessive tools to paint the surface.

Stain blocking function

Guess what? This is a stain blocking primer that will keep all kinds of smudges and dust away from the wall. It is a sealer for the wall and will protect your precious surface at all times. 

Dries quickly

Once you apply this primer, it is destined to dry faster than other products on the market. The fast-drying property allows you to save time and can produce more in a short time. In just one hour you can go for the top coat.

Superior coverage and application

If you need decent coverage, this primer should be your pick. One gallon can cover up to 400-500 sq ft. It can be applied on dry walls, aluminum, masonry, cement block, etc. 


One disadvantage I find is its watery consistency. For some projects, it might need additional layerings to cover the surface adequately.

Expert’s verdict

This primer is so efficient that you can successfully layer the wall in just one coat. It is fast drying and doesn’t have any foul smell. It has good coverage and does make your surface smoother than before. The fine white finish is something to die for. For interior and exterior use, I highly recommend this product.

What will acrylic paint stick to

Acrylic paint is one of the most versatile paints out there. It can be painted on canvas as you all know. Apart from that, it can also be applied on surfaces like cardboard, wood, glass, metal, stone, etc. Acrylic paint will stick to all the different surfaces I mentioned and should not cause any problems.

One thing that it won’t stick to is polypropylene. If you prepare the polypropylene, acrylic still won’t be able to adhere to it. 

What type of paint primer should I use?

If you are planning to color the walls or any surface with lighter colors then I suggest you go for white primers. This is because it has the same lighter tone and will blend better. 

For interior walls, I would advise you to use an oil-based primer or water-based latex primer like theINSL-X Multi-surface latex primer. Water-based primers are easy to maintain and clean using water. Whereas oil-based primers are well rounded and are ideal for stain blocking and covering permeable wood planes. 

For covering plastics and miniature models you should opt forVallejo Surface Primer. It works best with plastic and can also be applied on other surfaces. 


1. Is there a difference between interior and exterior primer?

All primers do the same job, but interior and exterior primers do vary in their protective properties. Interior primers are made to boost adhesion and take on top coats with ease, whereas exterior primers are there to resist cracking and prevent mildew build-up

2. Do you need to prime wood before acrylic painting?

The wood surface is a little tricky in the first place. Some can be porous and therefore the acrylic paint will not end up the way you want it to. This is why professional advice is to apply primer on wood before you go on with the painting project. 
Wood primers will seal the gaps and will act as a shield to withstand external hazards, not to mention that they will make the top coat adhere properly.

Final Words

Putting acrylic paint directly over wood, plastic or even wall can result in peeling due to weaker bonds within the surface. The best way to glue it is to use the best primer for acrylic paint. Having a primed layer allows you to put fewer layers of top coats, saving time and money.

In this article, you have already read about the top primers out there. If you ask for my suggestion I would ask you to go forKRYLON Colormaxx. It is a well-rounded product that can protect and adhere to acrylic paint like no other product. 

I would request you to look at the other items I’ve mentioned and get something that suits your criteria. Keep in mind that acrylics are versatile and they do deserve the best binding solution to showcase their worth.

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