Rustoleum High Heat Paint Review – Pick Your best choice in 2022

One of the most important things for a car is its headers and engine manifolds. The reason is that those are exhaust parts capable of handling and emitting expended gases produced by the vehicle’s engine. To keep the engine in shape and exalt its performance, you have to maintain this equipment. 

The most effective and affordable option to keep up the maintenance is to use heat paint. In this article, we will discuss the Rustoleum high heat paint review. We are going to discuss the three best paints from Rustoleum you can use to keep the high temperature in check. Let’s jump into the discussion – 

Rustoleum High Heat Paint Review

There are a few brands around the world that can withstand extreme temperatures while keeping up the maintenance of engines. Rustoleum is one of them. Now, let’s check out the three Rustoleum header paints. 

1. Rust-Oleum 7778502 Heat Protective Enamel

Rust-Oleum High Heat Enamel Spray Paint is mainly designed to protect the metal parts of a car’s body from extreme heat. The finishing is so tough. Therefore, the product is affordable and corrosion-resistant. It can safeguard from heat up to 1200° F. 

It is suitable for barbeque grills, wood-burning stoves, vehicle engines, and other metal items within the temperature range. Furthermore, it is ideal for automotive products’ exhaust manifolds, headers, etc. These parts usually reach high-point temperatures. 

Moreover, the product can serve both indoor and outdoor purposes. When it comes to the matter of rust and corrosion, it can protect the metal parts like a mother! The satin finish is the main reason behind its superb corrosion handling. Hence, the coating bond is extremely durable. It can withstand the heat for a long time.

You can easily paint your products with this one. It can restore the product to almost new. On top of that, the paint also dries so quickly. There are two brush coats for safety, security, and smooth appearance. It also covers up to 65-130 sq. ft. The Rust-Oleum spray comes in a 1-quart container. 

This heat paint is fully resistant to oil, grease, hot gas, etc. In addition, it is also protected from natural elements like humidity and salts. Rustoleum High Heat Paint is also a very affordable option. Another good thing is this spray is available in 5 colors. 

  • The product is super level high resistant. It can resist up to 1200° F
  • It can resist oil, hot gas, etc
  • Can cover a vast range of area
  • The rich satin finish can prevent rust and corrosion
  • It can hold superb color retention after repeated heating
  • Dry so fast and using process is easy
  • The delivery process is too slow
  • The scent is too strong

2. Rust-Oleum 248903A3 Automotive High Heat Spray Paint

Automotive products are always sensitive. You have to use high-quality things inside of the vehicles. This is what exactly Rust-Oleum 248903A3 Automotive High Heat Spray Paint can offer you. It is sublime for automotive parts and can stand up to 2000°F.

Hence, this spray paint is able to supply a durable and protective solid enamel. This is why it is so long-lasting and can resist corrosion efficiently. Further, it also provides rust protection. As it can dry up in just half an hour, your job will be so fast. 

This product can cover up to 10 sq. ft. per can. The use of this heat spray paint is so simple. You won’t feel any complications while using it. It comes in a convenient 12 oz spray can. For this reason, you can apply it without facing any challenges. 

It’s so comfortable to use from any angle. This is why you will get the exact outcome you’re expecting. It can create a beautiful and smooth finishing. That’s why your vehicle’s look will change completely! The special coating of this heat paint can surely safeguard the car from grease, oil, rust, etc. 

Moreover, your car or truck will also be safe from various natural elements like humidity and salts. It works so well and you can spray from any angle. The price of the product is very economical. You don’t have to spend many bucks for it. In addition, the overall articulation is also splendid. 

  • The sturdy enamel can protect against rust and corrosion. 
  • It can dry so fast and it’s so simple to use
  • It can create flat protect and that’s why the vehicle will look like a new product
  • The finishing is so smooth
  • Convenient application and works great
  • Price is economical
  • Need 3 different cures
  • Available in one color

3. Rust-Oleum 270201A3 High Heat Ultra Spray Paint

The Rust-Oleum 270201A3 Spray Paint is mainly manufactured to use in wood surface areas like wood stoves, firepits, etc. However, you can still use it for radiators and automotive parts. The product is entirely corrosion-resistant. 

Furthermore, it can withstand temperatures up to 1200F. The metallic finish it gives is so splendid to see. You’ll be just amazed to see it. For this reason, this product has a unique appeal among professionals. On top of that, the spray paint covers up to 8 sq ft for project completion.

This spray paint is capable of bringing worn products back to life. It brightens up their appearance in a productive way. Moreover, they are incredibly durable and long-lasting. The dries-up process of the product is also speedy. 

It just needs around 25-30 minutes for it to dry up. Rust-Oleum 270201A3 is available in 3 colors. They are – Black, Copper, and Silver. Besides, it can hang onto striking color and sheen retention. You will be able to complete the project without facing any challenge due to its utter convenient in using. 

As this product comprises any-angle spray technology, you will be able to spray it from any angle. This paint is superb for various applications and the price of this product is also reasonable. 

  • This product gives high glossy finishing
  • It is rust and corrosion resistant
  • Can be used in multiple applications
  • It is durable and long-lasting
  • Comes in three separate colors
  • Reasonable priced
  • Cover comparatively short space
  • Over fragrance

Rustoleum Heat Paint Buyer’s Guide

Here, we have reviewed three Rustoleum High Heat Paint products. We have to tell you that these three products are up to the mark. But, sometimes people choose the wrong one. The inaccurate decision could be costly. That’s why you need to keep some vital facts in your mind. 

Let’s see – 

Highest Temperature Resistance 

We know that car’s engine is located near the header. Therefore, it has to absorb a high-level temperature. The same thing goes for stoves or other appliances. It’s easy to surmise that normal painting doesn’t have the power to withstand such a high temperature. 

They will start to peel off and varnish when they face extreme heat. So, you can’t count on them. This is the reason you need to use high heat paint. There’s basically no way you can keep that uttermost dead heat in check without it. This is why you need to use paint to absorb the superior temperature. 

Automobile engines generally have a temperature of nearly 1000°F. It makes sense why you need a high-level heat-resistant force to control the dead heat. Even grills, stoves, heaters, etc, produce almost 500°F temperature. 

From the above discussion, it is pretty clear that you need paint that can resist an extreme temperature. In such a case, Rustoleum High Heat Paints are the perfect products. They can quickly soak up 1000° Fahrenheit temperature. 

Chipping Resistance

Heat resistance is very much needed. But, you also have to be aware of chipping resistance. If the header paint chip away so fast, it won’t bring you any good. Further, it won’t make you happy at all. There’s no way you can’t ignore this fact. 

You need to keep a close eye on this. If the paint chip away easily, the rust could catch up with the car’s header or other products you use. We know that you won’t like it too. Therefore, we’ve listed these three products of Rustoleum high heat paint. 

We can assure you that they won’t chip away. They are too much durable and provide you with excellent resistance.

Formula of Application

You will get the Rustoleum High Heat Paint in two methods. One is in a spray can and another is in oil paint. But, we must say that spraying is a much better procedure than oil paint. It is highly proficient and works well. Hence, the finishing will be smoother and more glossy with the spray formula.

Nevertheless, the most practical matter about spraying is it can reach certain areas where brushes can’t. If you’re working on bigger and multiple projects, you can use a 1-quart quantity amount of paint and a High Volume, Low Pressure (HVLP) sprayer for application.


When you are sure that you’re going to purchase a high heat paint, the cost will generally come to your mind. Some paints are so costly while some others are economical. On top of that, one thing is that the expensive heat paints don’t mean that they’re good. 

Some pocket-friendly paints are also classy and can give better performance. The three products we’ve recommended above are definitely classy and meet your requirements. By purchasing them, you can get high-quality products and save some bucks.

How To Paint With Rustoleum High Heat Paint

Before the beginning of the painting, you need some equipment. Please, take a look – 

  • The Rustoleum high heat paint
  • Rustoleum high heat primer
  • Sandpaper
  • Brushes

Before the painting, take a look at the surface. If the surface is covered with rust flake, clean it with sandpaper to make it as smoother as possible you can. There’s a particular trait about Rustoleum paint. They can bond with metal products so quickly. 

But, if you want a better bonding, you can use a primer. In that case, apply some amount of primer and dry it for around 10 to 20 minutes. After that, start spraying. At first, spray slowly and steadily. You have to check that the spray does cover the whole area. 

After spraying the first time, take a look around if there’s a place you don’t spray ideally. If yes, then spray again. 

Benefits of Using a Rustoleum High Heat Paint

There are several benefits of using a Rustoleum High Heat Paint. They are – 

Prevent Rust and Corrosion

Sometimes, excessive heat of the engines and other products leads to rust and corrosion. This will ultimately decrease their work efficiency. Additionally, you can easily escape such disgusting things by using Rustoleum High Heat Paints. They can effectively resist rust and corrosion.

Prevent Discolor

Due to continuous heating, heated products generally get discolored. As a result, the look and design lost their appeal. It could bother you for sure. For this reason, you need to have a painter. You can resist such a hostile condition by using the Rustoleum High Heat Paints. 

Enhance Product’s Performance

Heat paints can absorb excess heat and keep the heated materials in check. If the product isn’t well painted or coated, there’s a big possibility its shape and design get damaged. As a result, their sharpness declines severely. 

However, Rustoleum high heat paint can prevent this awkward situation and enhance the product’s performance in a bigger way.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are Rustoleum High Heat Paints last long?

Yes, they do. These paints are durable and last for a longer period of time. You can use them without much tension.

Is Rustoleum High Heat Paint Oil-based?

They are oil-based with various finishes.

Sums Up

The Rustoleum high heat painters offer a suitable way to protect the car’s header and other heated materials you use. Besides, they are also affordable and capable of resisting maximum temperatures. They can defend the heated components from rust, corrosions, etc. 

We can assure you that these paints will be perfect for your project. You won’t be disappointed at all. So, do you have any opinion regarding our article? You can share it in the comment box. Thanks for reading! Stay healthy and blessed!

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