How to Paint a Vinyl Door

Avoid oil-based paint to color your vinyl door. That is one solid answer to the question of how to paint a vinyl door.

Modern Vinyl doors are alluring and at the same time cost-effective. These are made of resin polyvinyl chloride which is a recent addition to the trend. Hence, you may find it quite tough to match with the conventional paint.

Paint Selection

You must be wondering what kind of paint to use on the vinyl door exactly? Painting with random paint will result in cracking and peeling of the color of the door. You need a primer with strong adhering capacity. On the coat of primer, you have to choose a special latex paint that too has a special bonding agent. The paint should be 100% acrylic pain. You can also go for an acrylic resin and urethane blend. The best choice would be looking for a paint that is particularly made for using on a vinyl surface.
The two adhesives of the primer and the paint will make a chemical reaction and make the properties of the paint melt and mix properly. This special gluing will ensure a perfect finishing on the vinyl door surface.

How to Paint a Vinyl Door

Prepare the door

It is more convenient to free the door from the hinge and lay it on the floor. Get a screwdriver and remove the door. Put a cloth under the door to avoid paint spills on the floor. You can remove the handle of the door as well or hide the nob with covering tape.

Clean the door

Now clean the door with soap and water. The water should be warm. Use a sponge to wash the door. It will help to remove dirt or oil on the surface. Next, use a scrubbing brush to remove the glim. This part is crucial because the door surface can hold dirt which will hinder sticking the priming. Let the door be washed with a pressure of water and then it should get dried thoroughly.

How to Paint a Vinyl Door

Door Priming

We know how important priming is. And for a vinyl door, it can make or break. We already know we need a special kind of primer that has a strong bonding capacity.
Before your start applying, make sure you have stirred the primer well. Otherwise, the bonding properties will not have the best acting effect.
As you are done with stirring and mixing, now you can coat the door. Apply a light layer of primer all over the surface. In my opinion, one fine coat is enough. Sit back and relax while the primer coat is drying. Check the label of the primer can and read the drying time instruction. Do not touch or try to paint before the primer gets dry.

Painting time!

Now again stir the paint before applying. Give it a fair stir and start painting. Paint the surface. Start painting with the inside edges which means the edges with the hinges. We will start from the bottom and go upward in one direction and then down the side and bottom edges. Use a smaller brush of your choice for the edges.

Now the surface of the door. Paint in one direction on the surface of the door. Go bottom to top and in one direction and finish. Once the one side is done, let it dry and then do the other side.

Here also apply lightly because too much paint is never a good way. If the instruction of the paint suggests a second layer. Go for it but, let the first coat dry first. If there is any paint spill meanwhile, do not panic. Remove the spill systematically.

How to Paint a Vinyl Door

Let it dry

Make sure your paint is drying well. If you are painting an interior vinyl door part from the natural airflow and sun you also have the option of using your air conditioner if the weather is not in your favor.
Rehang your door

Once your freshly painted door is dry you can now take it back and fix it. I know, now you wish you could do it without removing from the place. But trust me, you can do it. Take your door, take it to the hinge and set in the top hinge first and then set in the other. Once they are set take the pin, set the top pin first, and then the rest accordingly. Now use your screwdriver and fasten the pins with the hinges. There you go!

How to Paint a Vinyl Door

Vinyl door frame painting

Now we will see how to paint a vinyl door frame. Painting frames is easy but it needs a thorough painting. I have seen someone taking 3 days to clean a window frame before painting. Door frames are easier though. Make sure your door frame is clean. Use sandpaper to sand. I also use little brushes to reach all the details. My little vacuum helps to suck all the dirt as well. Then with a sponge and soap water, clean the frame and make it free of oil or grime.
Now go ahead and put the primer on your clean and dry frame. Use a slim brush and put a light layer. Oh, do you remember to cover the sides with paint tape? Do it or else, you have to read my other article on removing dried paint!

Now on your primed and dry frame use a coat with the paint. Let the layer dry, remove the paint from the sides and your vinyl door frame is glazing like stars in the night sky!


Can I use spray paint on Vinyl?

Painting a vinyl door with a sprayer is possible. You have to make sure you clean and prime the surface properly. You will get vinyl spray paint in stores as well.

What kind of primer do I use on vinyl?

You have to use bonding primer for surfaces like vinyl. This bonding primer makes sure a strong adhesive and a smooth finishing of paint.

Final thoughts

No matter how gorgeous your vinyl door already looks, you may want to give it a new look that goes with your transformed interior. And that could be done by just changing the color of doors with fewer expenses.

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