How to Clean up Large Paint Spills

I have got a large paint spills on the landing of my interior stairs. My 17 years old became so excited to see it, that she grabbed the paintbrushes right away to transform this into an amazing splatter painting on the floor. It didn’t even bother me for a millisecond. But it might not be the case for every spilt we have!

So yeah, if you are up for the painting, you must have a grip on how to clean up large paint spills on different surfaces. Here, I am telling you how to get rid of dried splatters as well as gas and water spills handling processes.

Use the right product for pain removal

It is always good to be prepared. While you start painting make sure you have the right type of paint removal with you because paint spills are normal. But if you think it is too much, then at least know which type of paint removal is right for the surface you are working on and the particular paint you have spilt. Because know that, paint removal solutions that are not meant for the specific surface, can destroy it.

For health safety

  • If you are working with high fumed paints, make sure you ventilate the place properly.
  • Use gloves and masks while removing paint with the solutions and keep children away from the spot.

Start by scooping up the spilt

Your first response as you start cleaning should be sweeping up as much as the paint you can. You can use a putty knife to scoop up the splits and have some rags to remove the remaining carefully.

How to clean up spilt paint on concrete

If the paint is dry you can use a scraper to get rid of the paint as much as possible. Vacuum the loose paint and clean the surface. Use a chemical remover or vinegar spray to remove the color. Wash away the chemical with a pressure washer.

If the spilt paint is new and still wet, after scooping up the paint you can wipe it with rags, papers or towels. Then use a nylon brush to remove any small particles of paint sticking to the concrete. Get a bucket of water and rinse the place. You can repeat rinsing with the water. If there is still some paint left, use vinegar spraying and clean with water again. This is how you can remove paint spills on a garage floor or any floor made of concrete.

How to clean up spilt paint on tile

Scoop up and remove the paint if is wet. Use warm soapy water to clean the stain. Wipe from the outer direction towards the center for the best result.

To remove dry paint from the floor let the paint soften. Use a hair dryer and set it at the lowest to let the paint soften. Then you can use a paint remover made for the wood surfaces to remove the stain. For a strong and stubborn stain use an odorless mineral spirit in a rag and wipe off the paint.


We have some of your frequently asked questions answered below.

How to clean up a large gas spill?

Do not try to wash away the gas with anything because it is gas and it should not get mixed with air or go into the drain.

To avoid any explosion do not try any wet drying vacuum either. No power tool should be there.

Put on safety goggles, gloves and masks. Open the windows it will help avoid fume buildup.

Use clay-based cat litter to soak up the gas spill. Pour the cat litter in half-inch thick layer over the gas. It will soak the gas up. Use more for a larger spill.

Now you cannot just collect and throw the mixture in a waste bin. You have to dispose of it the right way. You have to find out the disposal process of your area. Which place to dispose of and if there are any other steps to follow. Remember it is very important and you should be responsible for mitigating the task properly.

How to clean up a big water spill?

Use a bucket or small water scoop bowl to remove excess water. Use a mop to soak the water. If water is too much then use a water-absorbent pad which is totally perfect for letting you out of this trouble. These pads will soak up water easily without letting you work hard. Remember to turn off the fans, ac, and humidifier. Lastly, use a dry vacuum setting to dry the places.

Final words

Removing paint from the floor is not tough as it seems but it surely demands careful treatment. You can damage your skin or eyes while handling the solutions. You can also ruin the floor using the wrong method.
We have all the reliable methods discussed to remove dried paint from the floor in this How to Clean Up Large Paint Spills. Now, you can act like a pro!

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