Best Acrylic Paint Markers For Canvas – A New Approach To Panting

Best acrylic paint markers for canvas – A new approach to painting

Drawing and blending colors on a canvas seems to be a fun task. You’re probably familiar with using paint brushes and not pens. What if I tell you that you can paint using a pen, that too on a canvas? Sounds interesting right? Yes, it is possible to paint on a canvas using pens. 

Believe it or not, technology and modern innovations have made it possible. Using markers on smooth surfaces such as paper is a common norm. Markers for canvas are a good innovation too. In this article, I will talk about the best acrylic paint markers for canvas to help you on your artistic journey. 

Why acrylic markers? Because acrylic is a well-rounded formula for various painting techniques. The markers that I am going to show you use acrylic fluid instead of orthodox ink and are tailor-made for canvas use. 

What does canvas mean?

A canvas is a surface made with tightly woven cloth of linen, cotton or hemp materials. It is used as a support by many artists and also as a painting surface. A canvas can vary in many sizes. It is known for its property to embrace oil and acrylic paint with ease.

Types of canvas for painting

In general, there are three types of canvas for painting, such as.

Absorbent Canvas

This is made by priming layers of chalk and bound with rabbit skin. These units dry fast and are made to apply tempera on them. 

Universal Canvas

A universal canvas is similar to an absorbent canvas but the primer is different. It uses a titanium white formula for priming. This type of canvas is versatile and can take on both oil and acrylic paint. 

Oil Canvas

This is the most common painting surface for artists. This type of canvas is primed with zinc white and linseed oil and coated with white layers. These are solely made for artists who work with oil paints.

What are the benefits of using acrylic paint on canvas?

This is a type of paint that is a favorite amongst artists. It has a wide array of advantages. Some are mentioned below. 

  • It is water-soluble
  • It is vibrant
  • It dries faster than other paint
  • It is not that toxic, so it’s safer than most paints
  • It is more affordable than its counterparts.
  • It has great durability

5 best acrylic paint markers for canvas – Painting with marker pens made possible

Insert table

Sharpie medium point paint markers Sharpie medium point paint markers
  • Works on varying surfaces
  • Withstands water
  • Fast drying
  • Versatile tips
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Uni Posca marker pen for painting Uni Posca marker pen for painting
  • Soluble with water 
  • Does Not bleed out
  • Variety of color
  • Safe for use
  • Works on all surface
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Desire Deluxe paint pens Desire Deluxe paint pens
  • Wide colorways
  • Waterproof and Uv resistance
  • Multi-Surface Use
  • Lightfast
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Sunacme fabric markers pen Sunacme fabric markers pen
  • Excellent variation
  • Ideal for fabrics
  • Better color retention
  • Safe for all
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Artistro acrylic paint pens Artistro acrylic paint pens
  • Water-based formula
  • Ranging colors
  • Meets safety standards
  • Comes with E-book
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1. Sharpie medium point paint markers – Best Acrylic Paint Pen For Canvas

Acrylic paint has a thick consistency and has to be dealt with properly when applied to canvas. For fine lines and painting work, is it possible to use a marker on canvas? Yes! You can take a look at the Sharpie paint markers. 

These are oil-based paints that are suitable for various surfaces. It comes in five different colors and can even be used to paint rocks. Fun isn’t it? Well, you would be surprised with the advantages it offers.

Sharpie medium point paint markers - Best Acrylic Paint Pen For Canvas


  • Made by Sharpie
  • Comes in 5 shades
  • It is a metallic assorted formula
  • Has medium point


Works on varying surfaces

Not every marker is made to work on ranging planes. You might even ask how much paint is needed for proper adherence. Well, this paint flows smoothly and can be worked on stone, rubber, wood, metal and not to mention canvas cloth. 

Withstands water

It is water-resistant and can hold up to the surface without fading. You don’t have to worry about the ink and surface suffering from abrasion, because this marker will tackle all the possible negatives.

Sharpie medium point paint markers - Best Acrylic Paint Pen For Canvas
Fast drying

Many oil paint pens are slow drying on canvases, but not this one. The sharpie paint marker is one of a kind and is formulated to dry fast when applied on a canvas.

Versatile tips

You are destined to enjoy its versatility at all times. This marker has 4 variants of tip sizes. Starting from fine tip, extra-fine, bold and medium tips, which gives you the upper hand while painting.


Paint drying is a common occurrence with these markers. Another thing that can bug some people is the quantity of each marker paint. They run out too quickly. 

Expert’s Verdict

What I love about this product is that it has a valve action setup which does not release excess paint, rather it provides an adequate flow. It works with numerous different surfaces and has non-toxic properties, making it a winner. With this marker, you will be able to cherish your painting without water damage and fading.

2. Uni Posca marker pen for painting – Best acrylic paint marker for canvas

A paint pen can be a lifesaver when working on a canvas. It can help you with intricate lines and fill in spaces. I would say that the best paint markers are water-based paint markers because of their functionality on multiple surfaces. 

Uni-Posca pen is a stellar collection of assorted colors that you would love to have in your artistic toolbox. These are non-bleeding markers and are safe for use as they have no harmful chemicals. Why do I rate it highly? Let’s figure it out.

 Uni Posca marker pen for painting - Best acrylic paint marker for canvas


  • Made by Uni
  • Comes in assorted colors
  • Has medium point
  • The item weighs 3.5 ounces


Soluble with water 

This is a water-based paint pen that is also water-soluble. You can use a paintbrush and add water to your artwork to create shades and gradients of colors. The colors are mixable on the surface giving you the upper hand to create masterpieces.

Does Not bleed out

The problem with most markers is that they bleed on canvas and botch your creation. This product is the opposite. They are formulated to work smoothly without bleeding. 

Variety of color

The best paint pens come with tons of colors to pick from, similarly, this is one of the finest in the market and has a collection of common and unique colorways. 

Safe for use

These paint pens for canvas are non-toxic and do not contain harmful chemicals, thus it is safe to say that anyone can use them without worrying about health hazards. 

 Uni Posca marker pen for painting - Best acrylic paint marker for canvas
Works on all surface

Believe it or not, these markers are made to be painted on most of the surfaces out there. You can apply it on wood, plastic, metal, plaster, canvas, etc. It is also easy to take out from non-porous surfaces. 


Some complained that it is not adaptable to plastic as it is on other surfaces. Another thing is that the markers clog after some time, which can be a pain in the neck. 

Expert’s verdict

With these paint markers, you will get excellent coverage and fine quality at all times. The color variations are also commendable and work on all surfaces, which is the ultimate reward. The formula is non-toxic and water-resistant, thus your canvas can take in the paint and won’t be hampered by water splashes.

3. Desire Deluxe paint pens – Best acrylic marker to use on canvas

Get out from the orthodox way of painting using a brush and try out acrylic ink pens for a change. Yes, it is possible to use acrylic paints via markers and this is made possible by Desire Deluxe with their top-notch creation. 

I’m talking about a set of colors that you can use without the use of a brush. Just use the markers and the colors will make their way with ease. This particular product contains water-based markers that are suitable for wood, plastic, canvas, etc. 

Desire Deluxe paint pens - Best acrylic marker to use on canvas


  • Made by Desire Deluxe
  • Works on canvas, metal, wood, plastic, etc
  • It is waterproof
  • Has a chisel-style point


Wide colorways

Right out of the box you will get 12 different color shades to work with. All the colors are unique and are channeled via a 5mm tip.

Waterproof and Uv resistance

These colors are made with a non-toxic formula. It has no harmful chemicals and is safe to use. Most importantly it is waterproof and also can resist UV rays.  

Desire Deluxe paint pens - Best acrylic marker to use on canvas
Multi-Surface Use

This is a fine product that can be applied on canvas, but not only that. You can use it on wood, fabric, ceramic, rock, etc. It is made to last and stick better than other markers. 


Yes, these paints are lightfast, which means they won’t discolor in exposure to light. It has a fast drying time so you don’t have to wait for a longer period to swipe in the next stroke. 


When put on paper, the color doesn’t seem to hold well. It takes time to set and will likely end up on your hands when in contact. 

Expert’s Verdict

These paints are solvent-free and are completely mixable, giving you total control over your artistry. The water-based formula is durable and fast-drying and can be put on multiple surfaces without any issues. If you are looking for affordable paint pens then this can be a good choice. 

4. Sunacme fabric markers pen – Best acrylic pen for canvas

Many people look for fabric markers and end up with bottled solutions that work using a brush and are not that effective. You can now take on markers to apply the acrylic ink. Don’t worry I have the perfect brand that can ease your worries. 

Sunacme is a renowned manufacturer of coloring tools and has been producing top-tier products for its consumers. This particular fabric marker is extremely versatile that can work on handbags, jeans, shoes, canvas, etc. It comes with a stellar 32 unique shades.

Sunacme fabric markers pen - Best acrylic pen for canvas


  • Made by Sunacme
  • Has 32 different colors
  • Suited for fabric
  • The pens have fine points


Excellent variation

When you are up painting, you might need a variety of shades. To help you, Sunacme has introduced a 32-piece set. Yes, you get 32 different colorways in this. 

Ideal for fabrics

Apart from being a premium choice for canvas work, these acrylic pens can also be applied to shoes, bibs, T-shirts, bags, etc. The options are limitless. 

Sunacme fabric markers pen - Best acrylic pen for canvas
Better color retention

The ink that comes out and sticks to the canvas is formulated to stick better than other acrylic pens. It is destined to last longer and won’t fade away quickly. 

Safe for all

Good thing is that these paint marker sets are completely safe for use. It has no toxic chemicals and also doesn’t have a strong smell. The fade-proof paint is worth the hype and is made to give you the best painting experience. 


The problem is that the caps that come with each unit, do not match the outcome color. It works great on canvas or fabric but not that effective on metal or wood. 

Expert’s verdict

I love the fact that it has 32 different shades which give you a lot of different combinations for painting. The inks that it contains are harmless and odor-free, thus you can use them without issues. It can be applied to all sorts of fabrics and canvases. This is a trustworthy brand that has been a crowd favorite for a long time.

5. Artistro acrylic paint pens – Acrylic paint marker for canvas

Are you looking for acrylic paint pens that can be applied on any given surface? Say no more. The ARTISTRO acrylic pen is there to ease your worries and give you a perfect painting experience. 

This color set comes with 42 ink shades and works with an extra-fine tip. This allows you to smoothly work on any surface. Don’t worry about porous or non-porous surfaces, this marker is there to give you the best results. The water-based non-toxic inc is safe and easy to work with.

Artistro acrylic paint pens - Acrylic paint marker for canvas


  • Made by Artistro
  • For all kinds of surfaces
  • Has an extra-fine tip
  • Comes in a multi-color set


Water-based formula

It is water-based ink, thus soluble with water and mixable with other paints. The non-toxic solution is a match-winner, making it safe for kids and adults. 

Ranging colors

Not 12 or 32 but rather a hefty 42 different shades are in the box and you will be surprised with the quality of each ink. They are durable and long-lasting even on the toughest of surfaces.

Meets safety standards

These pens have been crafted with care and with safety in mind. The manufacturer made sure they abided by all EU and US safety regulations. 

Comes with Ebook

Well, this is not any other orthodox brand. Artistro has everything you need and they also provide an e-book with unique craft ideas for the user’s convenience. Learn, improvise and put your mastery to play.


Sometimes the outcome has a little inconsistency in color darkness. It tends to be on the darker side than what you would expect. Using it on a non-porous surface can make the paint hard and sometimes flake off.  

Expert’s Advice

I am a huge fan of Artistro colors. This particular acrylic set is one of the best out there and works magic on all kinds of surfaces. It is safe and easy to use. Ideal for painting, small craft work, drawing, writing and whatever you wish for. The 0.7mm tip on each item is what makes it consistent. I highly recommend this.  

Can acrylic paint markers be used on canvas?

Yes, acrylic paint markers can easily work on canvas surfaces if you get an adequately pigmented pen. Canvas cloth or paper can embrace acrylics with ease. Acrylic pens can work smoothly on canvas and are made to last for a longer period without deteriorating. You can use such markers for painting, lining and detailing without any hassle. 

Just make sure you get something that has superior consistency and is made by a reliable manufacturer. Check out the review list above for good-quality products. 

What to look for when buying paint markers for canvas?

There are numerous pens for painting on canvas. When you plan to use acrylics, you must pick the best pens available. To help you with it, I am going to highlight what you need to consider to get the best results.

Quality of ink

Make sure to buy pens that have thick ink. This provides better consistency on the canvas surface. Don’t experiment with poor-quality fluids as they may ruin the condition of your canvas. I suggest you try Artistro acrylic paint pens if you are looking for a high-quality outcome. 

Color variations

One problem that most artists face is the shortage of their preferred colors. You might need a color that is not present in your current color set. So I recommend you to go for sets that have unique colorways. For example, 32 pieces or 42 pieces in one box can work wonders in your painting journey.

Size of nib

Only one nib size might not suffice your task. Just like you do with paint brushes by having different brush sizes, you should also abide by this rule when you purchase markers. Check out the Sharpie medium-point paint markers. It has 4 different nib sizes, giving you more options to pick from.

Dry time

Slow drying fluids leave blotch marks on canvas, therefore it is suggested that you pick something that dries fast. Look at the Desire Deluxe paint pens. It has a quick dry time and will make your work easier and keep your canvas free from ink bleeds. 


Each product has its price range. Some might be expensive for you and some affordable. I prefer you go for something that suits your budget. Check out my list of pens above and pick your new favorite.


1. Can you use oil-based paint markers on acrylic paint?

Ans: Yes, you can put oil-based paint over acrylic paint, but you have to keep in mind that the acrylic paint needs to dry out completely before you can coat it with oil based formula.

2. How to use sharpie oil-based paint markers?

Ans : Sharpie pens are extremely versatile and do a wonderful job without bleeding and allow a smooth outcome. To use such pens follow the steps below.
Step 1: You must first remove the cap from the pen and hold the pen in a position where the tip is upwards. 
Step 2: Then press on the tip to counter any excessive pressure.
Step 3: Not cover the pen again with the cap and shake it well. Remember you must keep the point facing upwards.  
Step 4: Now the final stage is to paint. Remove the cap and press the tip onto the surface you want to paint. The ink should flow automatically. If it stops, continue pressing for more ink flow.


For those who are seeking a set of paint markers to apply on canvas. I’ve tried to scour the market for all the supreme products and come up with this article. Check out the Desire Deluxe paint pens if you want versatility. 

It is one of the best acrylic paint markers for canvas and can be applied on most surfaces like wood, metal, rock painting etc. Each and every paint marker set mentioned in the review section works extremely well and has its share of benefits. 

These are some of the most affordable paint marker sets with sufficient paint flow. I would suggest you peek at the items and grab something that complements your artistic technique. It’s time to explore the world of colors.

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